Durpro Ltd.

Durpro Ltd.

Durpro brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in process engineering to the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions to various water treatment challenges. Our team of water filtration and separation specialists are leading the way to more sustainable industrial practices ensuring the continued vitality of our blue planet. Durpro distributes, engineers and services water treatment systems, including industrial water ultrafiltration and commercial reverse osmosis, that allow our clients to reduce water consumption, recycle process water and reuse valuable materials that would otherwise be discarded with wastewater. We provide efficient, robust and technically advanced systems that address the specific needs of industry, municipalities, institutions, governments and water treatment manufacturers.

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255 Montcalm North , Candiac , J5R 3L6 Canada
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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Durpro has been engineering and distributing water treatment solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction since 1980.  Together with leading global partners, our team offers products and services in various countries and in a number of languages including French, English and Spanish.  Operating out of a modern 48,000 square foot facility located on the South Shore of Montreal, our multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and tradespeople from various fields including mechanical, electrical, controls, industrial, chemical and metallurgical engineering have developed and installed proven solutions to various water treatment challenges.

  • Filtration solutions for heat exchangers, cooling towers, plant in-take water, seal water, white water and shower protection
  • Multi-barrier water treatment modules for safe drinking and ultrapure laboratory water (UPW)
  • Dissolved air flotation as save-all for fibre, chemicals, fillers and recovery of TSS or BOD reduction
  • Reverse osmosis for Boiler feed and water for VIB moisture control systems
  • Disinfection with safe chlorine dioxide systems


Durpro uses a team approach to problem solving with a focus on total system integration.  Using pilot plant trials and our in-house courtesy laboratory services, our technical staff ensures that your investment will yield the highest quality solution for your unique application.  In-house and field training as well as comprehensive product documentation and on-site support offered by our personnel guarantee a smooth installation and startup of your system and autonomous operation by well-trained end users.


With a full array of technologies, we can design and build custom solutions to address even the most complex water treatment needs.  Unafraid of tackling difficult problems in collaboration with our suppliers and clients, Durpro has developed innovative solutions for:

  • Portable dissolved oxygen (DO) measuring instruments featuring leading Mettler Toledo in-line optical measuring technology
  • Efficient and cost-effective white water filtration
  • Potable drinking water modules for small municipalities
  • Potable drinking water modules for deployment in sea containers
  • Plant in-take water protection from zebra mussel infestations
  • Specialized reverse osmosis systems