DVO, Inc.

DVO, Inc.

DVO, Inc. as the U.S. leader in anaerobic digestion, DVO`s patented two-stage mixed plug-flow digesters process more farm waste than any other - with unparalled performance. Our systems greatly reduce the odor on farms, are cost-effective, operate automatically and require low maintenance. DVO. Inc. has been a leader in environmental engineering for over 22 years, providing reliable, proven solutions for farmers.

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820 W Main Street, P.O.Box 69 , Chilton , Wisconsin 53014 USA

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)

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Advantages Power to profit.
The patented two-stage digester converts manure and other organic wastes into three valuable byproducts: a biogas, which can be burned in a genset to create electricity or scrubbed to make natural gas; a biosolid, used as a high-quality bedding for cows or as a soil amendment; and a liquid stream that is non-odorous and can be applied as a fertilizer to growing crops.

DVO's anaerobic digester can handle various animal waste streams, including waste from dairy, swine, and poultry operations. Other types of organic wastes can be digested in DVO's digester, such as fats, oils, sugars, starches, etc.

The system can be implemented at agri-businesses with organic wastes such as meat packing plants, dairy plants, and vegetable processors as well as municipal sewage treatment plants and other waste treatment facilities.

Our digesters are designed to be operated by the farmer, are simple to maintain and. above all. are optimized for on-farm reliability. Advantages of a DVO digester include:

  • Efficient electricity generation
  • Quality bedding without composting