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  • HVAC Surface and Airstream

    Steril-Aire sets the standard for UVC for HVAC. Numerous studies have shown that the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an amplifier, reservoir and transportation mode for mould and bacteria throughout a building. These biologicals have also been linked to hospital acquired infections as well as Sick Building Syndrome and allergy and asthma triggers.

  • Model DE (Dual Ended) Series - UVC Emitters

    Model DE (Dual Ended) Series - UVC Emitters

    Model DE (dual-ended) fixtures may be mounted singly, in built-up banks or in parallel configurations in a variety of locations, including coils, drain pans, ductwork, mixed air plenums and exhaust systems. The DE Series is available in six lengths (18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ , 42″ and 62″) and four voltage options (115, 208, 230 or 277 Vac), providing installation flexibility to accommodate virtually any system.

  • Model SE (Single Ended) Series - UVC Emitters

    Model SE (Single Ended) Series - UVC Emitters

    Steril Aires’ single-ended Emitters provide a very high output germicidal light source for HVAC systems. Steril-Aire SE Series  fixtures install from the exterior of HVAC equipment, making them ideal for germicidal sites that are difficult to access. These germicidal lamps are easily installed by making a one-inch hole in the equipment wall and/or duct, and then simply mounting the fixture to the unit exterior. Only the lamp or tube...

  • Steril-Aire - Model NEMA 4X (SEN Series) - Single-Ended for Exterior Units- Rooftop Units

    Steril-Aire - Model NEMA 4X (SEN Series) - Single-Ended for Exterior Units- Rooftop Units

    Installed from the exterior of rooftop A/C units or ductwork, they are ideal for difficult to access outdoor sites. By creating two 1″ holes in the equipment wall and mounting the fixture, the devices may be installed vertically or horizontally. Only the lamp or tube penetrates into the system, while the power supply remains external. Choose from eight tube lengths (12″,16″, 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and...

  • In-Ceiling UVC Disinfection

    In-Ceiling UVC Disinfection

    There is increasing evidence that admission to a hospital room previously occupied by a patient with certain hospital pathogens including C. difficile, MRSA, and Acinetobacter increases the risk of the subsequent room occupant acquiring the pathogens. So it is not surprising that hospitals are looking for new ways to keep patients and high touch environmental surfaces safe and free of contaminants. UVC technologies are gaining acceptance among an...

  • Steril-Zone - Room Air Purifier

    Steril-Zone - Room Air Purifier

    Pure Air. Real Science. Portable in-room air purification solutions from Steril-Aire. With scientific backgrounds, decades of UVC experience, and product expertise, Steril-Aire brings you the highest quality and most effective portable air purifications devices. Whether you’re looking for protection from airborne contaminants and allergy and asthma triggers or eradication of airborne and surface pathogens for infection control, Steril-Aire has...

  • SterilWand - Hand-Held UVC Emitter

    SterilWand - Hand-Held UVC Emitter

    Safer, Healthier Rooms Start With Steril-Aire Steril-Zone. The SterilWand packages Steril-Aire’s multi-patented UVC technology in a versatile, hand-held device designed to deactivate surface mould, bacteria, viruses and yeast.

  • Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS)

    Remedial In-Room Decontamination System (RIDS)

    The powerful, mobile Steril-Aire RIDS brings Steril-Aire’s multi-patented, scientifically proven, RIDS brings the power of highly concentrated germicidal UVC technology wherever it is needed for air and surfaces in healthcare facilities, laboratories, cleanrooms as well as food preparation and processing plants. RIDS provides infection control in hospitals/health care centers and schools; mould and bacteria control in food processing areas; and...