Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT)

ERT integrates full-spectrum science and technology solutions for Federal and State Government organizations tackling demanding projects in information technology, engineering, earth and space sciences, and environmental science. We are a Small Business company that is responsive and agile, placing high value on effective customer service and technical excellence. Our cost, management and technical performance scores are consistently in the excellent range.

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6100 Frost Place, Suite A , Laurel , Maryland 20707 USA

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)
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Delivering Effective Service
We listen carefully to our customers needs and work with them to provide optimized solutions through:

  • Multi-Disciplinary Technical Approaches: ERT’s science, IT and engineering professionals serve our customers by creating multi-disciplinary approaches to the complex, interrelated elements of basic and applied science and technology – integrating remotely-sensed observations, in-situ data collection, and numerically modeled data to provide insightful and innovative analysis and visualization. Our IT infrastructures support science and research – extending to high performance environments with multi-processor machines and networked storage.
  • Highly-Integrated Capabilities: Our science and environmental capabilities are evident in our environmental and hazardous waste practice – incorporating research, surveying, analysis, mapping, and remediation of hazards that include toxic waste, buried fuel tanks, and unexploded ordnance. The same capabilities are central to our NOAA contracts where we survey and analyze coral reefs and aquatic fauna populations. Both examples integrate hands-on application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 3-D sensing of the earth’s surface, registration with remotely-sensed data, and numerical modeling of water flows and contaminant plumes.
  • Complete Infrastructure Solutions: ERT IT and program infrastructure capabilities support the full lifecycle of technical projects and are tuned to the specialized needs of science and engineering disciplines. We design and implement software, develop databases, provide enterprise IT and IT Security support, administer systems and network, maintain configuration management of systems and software, manage Petabyte class data archives, and architect system and storage designs for highly reliable access to high volume data and computationally intensive models.
  • Full-Spectrum Facilities and Programs Support: ERT provides programmatic support for science systems deployment across the United States. Our expertise includes laboratory- and field-work-oriented industrial safety and health, facilities engineering and maintenance for special purpose installations, program and budget tracking and earned value, and logistics for field missions

ERT's Mission

To be a trusted partner of the Federal and State Governments, providing high value science, IT, and engineering services and solutions.

ERT's Values

  • Customer Satisfaction - We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of performance valued by our customers.
  • Respect and Value Our Employees - Employee satisfaction and career development are among our top priorities.
  • Continuous Communication - Frequent and open communication with customers for effective and timely response to customer needs.
  • Always Doing What's Right - We promote a business relationship with our customers and employees based on honesty and strong ethics.

ERT began in 1996 when Dr. Peter Li applied his scientific training in geophysics to the practical problems of locating munitions and explosives of concern, sub-surface voids, and structures with the potential to cause environmental or construction hazards.

Dr. Jingli Yang joined Dr. Li in 2001 to support science-oriented services at NASA and NOAA – integrating remote sensing technologies with in-situ data and model data and tailoring software, data, and systems to optimize scientific productivity.

Since 2003, ERT has achieved listing on four GSA Schedules. In 2006 ERT won its first 100+ person contract with NOAA and has continued to grow rapidly while maintaining excellent standards of performance.

Today we are an agile and effective organization with a wide range of capabilities, a responsive service delivery model, and mature business systems. With staff in over 20 states, we have the capacity to support customers nationwide.