EarthSoft, Inc

EarthSoft, Inc

EarthSoft`s EQuIS software manages environmental and geotechnical data and is the world`s most widely used environmental data management system. The EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP are the world`s most widely used EDD tools. Many governments, industrials, and especially consultants and labs use EQuIS and EDP. EQuIS Professional and EQuIS for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server generates graphics, reports, spider diagrams and other advanced graphics and maps. Sample Planning Module provides eCoCs and completeness reports. EQuIS Professional plus Enterprise versions offer power plus web ease of use. EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) provides field data collection software for tablets or laptops.

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PO Box 1376 , Concord , 01742 Massachuse USA
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Software vendor
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Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)
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EarthSoft's EQuIS is the most widely used environmental data management system in the world. Many government agencies, industries, and consultants use EQuIS and thousands of labs use EDP. EDP and Enterprise EDP enforce electronic data requirements, and ensure correct EDDs from field data sources and labs' LIMS. The Sample Planning Module generates spreadsheets for sampling events, and sends pre-populated spreadsheets to tablets or other devices.

EQuIS relational database shemas support the amount, complexity, required uses for environmental and geotechnical data. EQuIS databases in SQL Server and Oracle are some of the largest databases in the world for landfills, remediation sites, ambient monitoring programs, watersheds, ecological, air, geotechnical, limnology, and all kinds of water data requirements.

EQuIS can be hosted for SaaS and cloud-computing. Inexpensive online hosting options are available, or EQuIS may be licensed for use on your network. EQuIS follows Open Systems business practices. Many clients have extended EQuIS schemas.

EarthSoft offers continued innovation, with major releases of EQuIS every year, and teams with many software vendors integrating the most commonly used COTS software. EarthSoft's large and sophisticated Help Desk offers a corporate wiki, a searchable FAQ library, free weekly Office Hours, and world-class support.

EarthSoft's Training team may have run more trainings about geotechnical and geo-environmental data since 2005 than any other company. Open, Onsite, and Online Trainings are available.

EQuIS Products:

  • EQuIS Schemas (Oracle / SQL Server) for WQX, Geotechnical, Limnology, DMR
  • EQuIS Professional (Pro)
  • EQuIS Sample Planning Module (SPM)and EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE)
  • EQuIS for ArcGIS and EQuIS for ArcGIS Server
  • EQuIS Interfaces to HoleBASE, EnviroInsite, EVS, GMS, RockWorks, LogPlot, SADA, GeoTracker, gINT, SCRIBE, and other software
  • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP
  • EQuIS EZView and EQuIS Information Agents (EIA)
  • EQuIS LakeWatch

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