After more than 30 years of development, production and sale of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications, we now rank with the leading producers worldwide. A network of subsidiaries and representatives grant the service quality which-in combination with a high product quality - made us a well established partner of international plant engineers. We count on innovative solutions. Requirements and demands of our customers are worked out by our R&D department and result in product modification and innovation .We offer a wide scope of products and services, which covers the standard valve for civil engineering as well as high performance valves and the automation technology for extreme applications.

Company Objectives

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for us and the measurement for our success. Customer fulfilment is the responsibility of each employee of this company. By maintaining partnership relations with our customers we obtain information about customer needs and wishes, All this collective information will be analysed and evaluated, offering innovative products and individual solutions for our customers' special needs is our particular excellence.

Employees' Qualification and Motivation
Only satisfied employees achieve the full performance to cope with their tasks. Well-trained, well-informed and highly motivated employees are basic for our success. With precise training and regular internal communication the achievements will continuously improve the potential of our company. The quality ideal of all employees will be promoted. The corporate principals will be understood, accepted, realised and further developed by all employees.

Economic Success
Economic success secures our continued existance and the long-term staff retention. Precise actions for continuous improvement of our processes, optimisation of productivity and profitability are therefore indispensable. A process orientated management system with well-regulated responsibilities will serve as an instrument to manage our success. While striving for economic success we also assume our responsibilities towards community and environment.

Suppliers' Partnership
Our suppliers will significantly affect the quality of our products and services. By regulated information exchange and setting up partner relationship with our supliers, we will achieve a continuous improvement and simultaneously minimisation of costs.

Corporate Culture
The corporate culture manages the daily togetherness and is jointly responsible for the overall success of our company in a significant way. The cooperation will be practised by means of internal directives to simplify the supplier / customer relationship Each employee is keen for mutual understanding and acceptance and in this instance executives are examples.





POLEKO 2011, WWETT - Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show

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Water and Wastewater

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Internationally (various countries)

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