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  • Titration

  • Pocket Titrator

    Pocket Titrator

    The PocketTitrator is a truly portable and easy to use coulometric titrator: Titrations with electrochemical reagent generation – simple by one “click” in the user-friendly software.

  • Acid Number Titrator

    Acid Number Titrator

    The Acid Number Titrator is designed for the determination of free fatty acids in oils and fats. Its operating mode complies with IEC 62021-1:2003 and ASTM D664-95 standards for mineral oils.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Model H2S - Analysator

    Model H2S - Analysator

    The H2S-Analysator creates the opportunity for analysis of hydrogen sulfide in gases and liquids in only one device.

  • Model H2S - Microcontroller Unit

    Model H2S - Microcontroller Unit

    OnlineH2S includes a microcontroller-unit for a quantitative determination of the released H2S from the sewer with sensor technology at two or more selected measurement points. It serves as the basis for H2S-adapted regulation of chemicals for water treatment in sewage systems.

  • Model S - Online Determination Unit

    Model S - Online Determination Unit

    The S-Online for online determination of sulfides provides the opportunity to measure sulfides/H2S even below the odor threshold in wastewater. By the combination of a highly efficient gas extraction and a selective detection method, sulfide/H2S is determined in aqueous solutions.

  • Ammonia

  • Model NH3 - Online Analyser

    Model NH3 - Online Analyser

    The OnlineNH3 is used for a quantitative determination of NH3 in livestock buildings, digestion towers and biogas plants. The sampling can be carried out at one, two or more selected measuring points. This measurement serves as the basis for water treatment and the control of maximum threshold values.

  • Gas Extraction, Gas Analysis

  • Gas Extractor

    Gas Extractor

    The GasExtractor is a fully automated vacuum degassing unit for extracting gas from oil and other highly viscous liquids according to international standards. The determination of the total gas content is performed by fast and precise determination of the pressure increasing.