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  • Model EICG-1 - Insulator Conductor

    Model EICG-1 - Insulator Conductor

    The Insulator Conductor covers are available in various lengths. The EICG-1 is a 3 piece cover. It includes the insulator cover, two extensions or arms, and 4 snap fit pins. Line crews can install the covers 'hot' or while the circuit is energized. The EICG-1 will fit ANSI Class 55-4, 55-5, 55-6, 56-1, 57-1 and 57-2 insulators. The EICG-2 includes the insulator cover, two extensions or arms and 4 snap fit pins. It will fit ANSI Class 56-2 and 56-3...

  • Insulator Conductor Covers

    Insulator Conductor Covers

    Eco Electrical Systems designs and manufactures cutout and disconnect covers that will fit S&C, AB Chance, ABB, Ohio Brass, and Kearney. We have designs for porcelain and polymer cutouts, non-loadbreak and loadbreak designs. Our ECC-1 is designed for porcelain cutouts and will fit 3 manufacturers and 2 voltage classifications, 15 kV, 110 kV BIL and 27 kV, 125 kV BIL rated cutouts. You only need to stock one cover. Our ECC-2 will fit is designed...