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Model EICG-1 - Insulator Conductor


The Insulator Conductor covers are available in various lengths. The EICG-1 is a 3 piece cover. It includes the insulator cover, two extensions or arms, and 4 snap fit pins. Line crews can install the covers 'hot' or while the circuit is energized. The EICG-1 will fit ANSI Class 55-4, 55-5, 55-6, 56-1, 57-1 and 57-2 insulators. The EICG-2 includes the insulator cover, two extensions or arms and 4 snap fit pins. It will fit ANSI Class 56-2 and 56-3 insulators.

The insulator/conductor covers are designed to 'sit up' on top of the insulator and not jeopardize the leakage distance of the insulator. They do NOT cover the entire insulator just the neck area of the insulator. The design does not 'short' or jeopardize the leakage distance and flashover values of the insulator. The covers will remain fixed in place and not rotate over the insulator.

  • Designed to installed 'hot' or while the circuit is energized.
  • The material is UV and Track Resistant. Puncture under oil testing was over 100 kV.
  • The extensions or arms will pivot for conductor sway and accept angles up to 15 degrees when the conductor is tied in on top or in a tangent position.
  • We collaborated with a number of utilities on the design, installation, and construction configurations prior to manufacturing and standards approval with these utilities.

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