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  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Eco Electrical Systems tested its first design at a High Voltage Lab. They were subjected to 15 and 25 kV dry and wet flashover tests. The test configuration consisted of a wood pole, an 8 ft. wood crossarm, and a wood brace to support the arm. The insulator pin was solidly grounded during all testing. Various insulators were used according to the voltage applied during testing. The conductor was 1/0 ACSR. A solid ground was attached to a hot stick...

  • OH Design Services

    OH Design Services

    The majority of wildlife related outage issues occur on equipment structures, i.e. transformer poles, transformer banks, capacitor banks, regulators, reclosers, etc. Birds will defecate on arrestors, cutouts, bushings, terminations, insulators, and anything else they are perched above. This excrement/contamination will eventually cause a failure. Configure the jumper leads so the birds are not perching above the cutouts, arrestors, and bushings....