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Eco Electrical Systems tested its first design at a High Voltage Lab. They were subjected to 15 and 25 kV dry and wet flashover tests. The test configuration consisted of a wood pole, an 8 ft. wood crossarm, and a wood brace to support the arm. The insulator pin was solidly grounded during all testing. Various insulators were used according to the voltage applied during testing. The conductor was 1/0 ACSR. A solid ground was attached to a hot stick and was used to contact the surface area of the insulator conductor covers to simulate a bird or animal coming in contact with two phases simultaneously at various points on the insulator, the insulator cover and the conductor cover.

  • 7.2 kV Dry Flashover Pass
  • 15 kV Dry Flashover Pass
  • 25 kV Dry Flashover Pass
  • 7.2 kV Wet Flashover Pass
  • 15 kV Wet Flashover Pass
  • 25 kV Wet Flashover Pass

Reference partial discharge measurements were taken for each configuration prior to testing of the covers with no detectable increase when the covers were installed.

A dry flashover test was conducted according to ANSI C-29.1. The test configuration consisted of an ANSI Class 55-5 insulator. It was flashed 3 times and then the insulator conductor cover was installed and subjected to a flashover. The test did not alter the dry flashover characteristics of the insulator.

The wet flashover test was modeled according to IEEE 4.

A photo multiplier imaging device was utilized to determine if there was any discharge activity. No discharge activity was present on any Eco Electrical Systems designs.

We also conducted wet testing on several other designs for insulator conductor covers and perching deterrents.

It should be noted that there are guidelines within the NESC (National Electrical Safety Code) that need to be adhered to for products that are attached to the supporting structure or the supporting arm of a structure. These guidelines are addressed in Table 235-6 of the NESC. In other words clearances from energized parts need to be maintained to prevent flashover and partial discharge from occurring.

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