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ECO Green - ECO Two shaft Shredders

ECO Two-shaft Shredders

ECO Green - ECO Graters - Secondary Shredders


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ECO TDS (Tire Derived Shreds) Tire Shredding Systems

Eco Green’s tire derived fuel (TDS) recycling systems are efficient and affordable.  They produce clean cuts and consistent sizing for your TDS needs.  TDS is the largest market for processed scrap tires.  TDS and TDF (Tire Derived Fuel) have become very popular source of fuel in coal-burning plants because it burns cleaner and hotter than coal.  For every pound of TDF up to two pounds of coal may be displaced.

ECO Wire-free Chip (Rubber Mulch) System

Eco Green’s wire free rubber mulch recycling plants are perfect for those who need wire free TDF (tire derived fuel) or rubber mulch. The rubber mulch market is growing at more than 30% a year. The most common uses are for gardens, playgrounds, and arenas.

ECO Crumb Rubber Systems

Crumb rubber is a fine wire free rubber granulate that can be used for remanufactured rubber, floor mats, mud flaps, sporting arenas, molded products and more.

ECO Rubber Powder System

Rubber powder is a fine mesh powder used for a variety of secondary rubber products and applications such as injection molded products, automobile parts, and civil engineering projects.

ECO Green - ECO Single shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

15 Products found
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