Ecogate Inc.

Ecogate Inc.

Ecogate have been making on-demand ventilation systems for over 15 years, and all that experience goes into every product we make. Customers from a variety of industries trust us to provide them with a solution that makes their operations more efficient while requiring no special care from their workers. The Ecogate dust collection control system knows when your machines are working and when they aren`t. By modulating fan power based on your needs in real-time, Ecogate gives you the right amount of airflow second by second, day by day. Ecogate is the only system in the world that continually measures pressure, air velocity, and air volume at each gate and in the main duct. We use these values to control the system such that transport velocities are always maintained throughout the duct system, and to give you world-leading electricity savings.

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Air and Climate - Air Filtration
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In many manufacturing facilities, as little as 50% of dust-creating machinery may be in operation at any given time, but dust extraction plant usually runs at full capacity, with fixed fan speed, all of the time.

The result is an extraction system which is likely to be consuming more electricity than all the lights and all the machinery put together.

Installing the proven ECOGATE ‘Extraction-on-Demand’ system will slash electricity bills by up to 80% and will typically pay for itself in just two years.