Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente SpA

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente SpA

Wastewater treatment - Waste handling and collection plants. Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.a. has worked in the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment sector since 1966 and directly manufactures a wide range of products.

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Via Vittorio Veneto, 2-2/A , Bibbiano , Reggio Emilia 42021 Italy

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente has been developing its experience since 1966. Starting out as an industrial and civil waste waters specialist, We have branched out to offer products and services to local authorities, utility companies, corporations and private citizens on five macro-activity areas. Experience combined with a continuous research allows us to offer innovative and reliable solutions, with ductility of applications, variety of construction materials and products offered with an optimal price/quality ratio; a quality widely certified according to the highest standards. High attention is paid to proximity and continuous support of the customer. Many of our services consist of direct managing and monitoring of provided technologies. This aspect of our work is made even more effective.

Environmental quality is the central theme of our present and of our children's future. Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A. since 1966 has developed its own evolving experience in many fields.

Starting out as a industrial and civil waste water specialist, We have branched out to offer a wide range of solution to local authorities, utility companies, corporations and private citizens, thanks to products, installation/facilities and services dedicated to people and nature necessity balance. This great heritage of experience has allowed us to check 'on field' what are the main needs of those who refers to our company , recognizing that there aren't two with the same needs. Therefore, our company aims to provide custom-made solutions, precisely tailored to the specific request for every single client.

This can happen only when you have the excellence as a model and the creative and constant research of quality and reliability as a method. When each solution is designed and proposed respecting the values of the nature protection. Coherently with this philosophy, environmental budget numbers become positive. Following this convictions, we have developed a widespread presence not only at home but also abroad through our links with foreign affiliates. From planning to installation and the supply and management of service, We work closely with our clients to find the processes that will lead us to our common goal.