Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc.

Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc.

Ecologix is a successful company in the field of wastewater treatment equipment with the fine bubble membrane diffusers, Rotary Screen, Dissolved air flotation ,Pipe flocculator, MBR modules and MBR packaged plant manufacturing. Product management is certified by ISO 9001, which guarantees the highest quality standard.

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33-3 Ecologix Place Lane 203, Chunghwa North Road, Section-1 , Tainan , 704 Taiwan

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Water is a necessity for all life. Ecologix guarantees the highest level of wastewater treatment with its products and services.Our engineers, scientists, and application technicians work together to solve the problems set by customers that are becoming increasingly environmental conscious and sensitive to health protection. By applying routine internal training, we ensure that our employees keep abreast with current developments in their field of work. Beyond the company itself, we also cooperate on an interdisciplinary basis with renowned international institutions on research projects.

Ecologix’s products are exceptionally durable and lasting even under extreme conditions due to the use of top quality materials and manufacturing process. Thanks to the high manufacturing depth in our applications, Ecologix can ensure the quality and efficiency in the production and sales processes.

Constant quality controls starting from the receipt of the materials through dispatch and after-sales service are key to the high acceptance of our products and permanent customer satisfaction.

As a company, Ecologix prides itself on upholding the principles of equality, respect of human rights, and individual self-determination—these makes us a preferred employer. Mutual respect is of paramount importance for a harmonious working environment. Thus, we make every effort to create and maintain a work place where every individual’s dignity is respected. Through selective personnel development, we also help our employees achieve their personal and professional goals. Fair and reasonable relations with our employees are essential for the guarantee of the quality of our products.

Ecologix Asia, a division of Unites States-based Company Ecologix Technologies, Inc., manufactures some of the most advanced equipment for wastewater and water treatment plant currently available in the market. With over 20 years of extensive experience, research, and activities in wastewater treatment products, Ecologix Asia designs and manufactures various types of equipment and applications specifically for this sector.

Ecologix is defined by an entrepreneurial responsibility to the environment, our clients, and employees—innovation and top-quality products that can survive in the market are necessary to successfully safeguard this responsibility. Furthermore, Ecologix is dedicated of offer the best possible service to ensure that our products consistently meet the needs of our clients. Each and every requirement from the customer is regarded as a challenge that we respond with pioneering and economical solutions. please see more information on