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Ecolutia Services

Ecolutia Services

Ecolutia Services is a global provider of water, wastewater and environmental treatment solutions to industrial and municipal customers. With our industry leading portfolio of ‘Cleantech’ technologies and services customers benefit from a true ‘One-Stop-Shop’ approach. Our portfolio includes the world’s newest and most efficient fleet of mobile water treatment systems, sludge and gas treatment, waste-to-energy process and industrial automation products.

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7400 Beaufont Springs Dr Ste 300 , Richmond , Virginia 23225 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
more than 1,000,000,000 €

Ecolutia Services is part of the Stulz Hager+Elsässer Group, with an annual turnover over €250 million and over 800 staff at a large network of plants and offices worldwide.  Ecolutia Services is a global provider of water, wastewater and environmental treatment solutions to industrial and municipal customers. Through our group activities we offer additional value-added services such as plant operation and maintenance, design, planning, construction, plant optimisation and project financing options.  Through this holistic approach and by building durable partnerships and confidence in our abilities, we help conquer your difficulties.  As your partner for the future you can be assured Ecolutia Services has the knowledge, experience and technologies to support you at all times.

The group technical expertise and manufacturing experience is the envy of the industry.  Our reputation for high quality design and engineering products is jealously guarded.  We understand customers expect a quality product with a quality service so we instil service excellence at every stage of our process.

Environmental Sustainability
In order to contribute to the global efforts for a sustainable future we pledge to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible.  We aim to limit any environmental impact by working with customers to reduce the water and energy footprint of each project.  Our team is driven by the knowledge we can make a difference and provide sustainable solutions, ranging from water scarcity, water reuse through to complimentary solutions such as anaerobic digesters and biogas plants.

Each staff member is made aware on their respective environmental impact and how as an organisation we must take collective action.

The team at Ecolutia Services share a vision, to provide sustainable solutions to the world’s water and energy needs for the 21st century.  By maximising resources, building partnerships and enhancing confidence we help customers conquer their project difficulties.  Our brand reflects this vision.

Our logo is symbolic of the vibrant and energetic nature of environmental issues, relating to water, wastewater and environmental solutions.  The swirl within the logo represents our energy solutions, with the different shades of blue symbolising the diverse grades of water quality required by customers.

Combining this gives you Ecolutia Services as the power behind customer solutions.  Our knowledge, experience and ability ensure our products and services minimise environmental impact while maximising resources, in order to limit the water and carbon footprints of each project.

Management Experience
The management team are familiar names to many customers and water treatment industry players across the world.  Our industry involvement has resulted in lasting relationships with local and global organisations, where we have helped overcome critical water issues on various projects.

Our CEO alone has over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry, including the leadership of Ecolochem International to its highly successful and ultimate acquisition, by GE in 2006.  Collectively the management team have over 100 years of water treatment knowledge and field experience across all major industry sectors and geographies.  The team have successfully progressed through previous roles providing operational, technical, commercial, marketing and financing support.  Some of these experiences have been gained while previously at Ecolochem, GE, Ionics, Nalco and Rolls-Royce, to mention a few.

Through the use of advanced technologies, increased service options and greater customer focus, today Ecolutia Services offers you a dedicated and purposeful approach to match your needs.  The addition of highly efficient technologies and ‘Cleantech’ solutions extends what we can do for you beyond basic water treatment solutions.

Furthermore, with an emphasis on greater customer focus, greater choice and more innovative technology the management team are well placed to develop the solutions needed.  In summary, the management team uniquely understand customer and industry needs as well as the knowledge to develop products to solve the world’s water needs for the 21st century.

Field Service Engineering Knowledge
Our Field Service Engineers (FSE) are often your direct contact on a project site and for this reason we provide a high standard of training to all our engineers.  All our FSEs are trained to work in high-pressure environments and are given a high level of responsibility in each project.  Skills in analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving are developed in order to ensure the entire team work in concert and thoroughly understand each project undertaking.

Plant commissioning, operation, system optimisation and maintenance of equipment at customer sites are combined with excellent communications skills and confidence when dealing with people at all levels of an organisation.  The ability to manage customer relationships in a day-to-day operational environment is part and parcel of each FSEs role.  As our main link to you, while at site, each FSE is aware of the overall project targets and how to meet your expectations.