EcoMundo is a specialist in Chemical Regulatory Compliance. Expert in scientific, technical and regulatory fields, we provide services and software to industrials needing to comply with various regulatory obligations: REACH, RoHS, GHS/CLP, (M)SDS, SVHC, Authorization, Biocides, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Nanomaterials, Safety Data Sheets (SDS). EcoMundo acts as only representative (OR) for exporters to the EU and manage several REACH consortia. EcoMundo is based in France and has three international offices: Brussels (Belgium), Vancouver (Canada) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Our global presence allows us to target not only European industrials but also a large number of exporters to Europe. We have designed the software suite called “REACH Factory” to offer industrials an easy, quick and affordable solution to meet their regulatory obligations.

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215 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau , Issy-les-Moulineaux , 92130 France

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Health and Safety - Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


1. Chemical Regulatory Expertise

REACH regulation has revolutionized industrial processes impacting manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals within the European Union, as well as exporters to Europe.
EcoMundo offers a wide range of compliance services, adapted to every industry:

  • REACH registration, via Only Representative (OR)
  • SVHC traceability (Substances of Very High Concern)
  • REACH authorization dossier
  • ROHS compliance
  • GHS/CLP compliance
  • Creation & management of SDS (and extended SDS)
  • Biocidal products compliance
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical regulations

2. Software Design: REACH Factory
EcoMundo has developed a software suite called REACH Factory to aid users in attaining full REACH compliance.
It consists of six web tools dedicated to the most restrictive requirements: GHS/CLP, SVHC, SDS, etc.

The keystone of this software suite is MAT Factory, a database of more than 100,000 chemicals. Each substance is listed in conjunction with its chemical properties, uses, and related international regulations: REACH, TSCA, DSL and NDSL, Prop 65, etc.

3. Integrated Ecodesign at All Levels of the Supply Chain
EcoMundo offers expertise in industrial ecodesign and is currently a partner in two major projects:

The European research project CORINE with global leader EUROCOPTER (EADS Group), for the design of collaborative software to lower the environmental impact of the helicopter supply chain.


The CREER Cluster for research in ecodesign and recycling, composed of various work-groups on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the impact of REACH on the    substitution of materials, and waste recycling.


Our staff is made up of chemical engineers, toxicology, ecotoxicology and pharmaceutical experts, ecodesign and material engineers, regulatory and legal experts and software developers.
Our staff of over 40 people includes 9 PhDs, a highly valuable asset in creating innovative solutions for small businesses and large companies alike.

Pierre Garçon – Founder and President of EcoMundo
Pierre began his career in software publishing. He founded West Valley, a software company that he led to intro-duction on the French stock market. He directed multidisciplinary teams in large European research projects on chemical traceability at the early stage of REACH (2001). Today, Pierre focuses on international partnerships.
Jean-Raphaël Miron – IT Director
As a senior consultant, Jean-Raphaël has been involved in ecodesign and multimedia IT development for more than 15 years. In his current role, he supervises the information technology team at EcoMundo and ensures the development of web-based platforms and software specifically conceived for our clients.
Dr Olivier Le Curieux-Belfond – Head of the Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Department
PhD in Environmental Science — Scientific, technical, and regulatory expert
Olivier acquired scientific, technical and regulatory expertise at the French Health Safety Agency called ANSES and as a member of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of ECHA. He participated in innovating projects on nanomaterials and modelling (including QSARs). Today, he focuses on REACH Authorization strategy for clients.

Our Customers are International Groups and Small and Medium Businesses

As a specialist in European chemical regulation, we offer services not only to manufacturers and importers located in Europe, but also to exporters outside the EU: Canada, USA, Brazil, Japan, etc. These companies include multinational companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Industry and Trade Associations
EcoMundo works with a large number of industries impacted by chemical regulatory compliance: chemicals, electronic, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, metal, automotive, aerospace, packaging, etc. We collaborate with various industry associations by offering REACH workshops and training that benefit to their members.


European cluster for chemicals & environment (France)


Aerospace & aeronautics cluster (France)


Industrial research centre for innovation in Québec (Canada)


Technical centre for the mechanical industry (France)


Innovative research in toxicology, ecotoxicology and nanomaterials (France)


Society of Chemical Manufacturers &  Affiliates (USA)


Minor Metals Trade Association (UK)


Network to further business and innovation (Europe)


EcoMundo is based in France and has three international offices in Brussels, Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro.

Our presence in both Europe and the Americas allows us to build international partnerships with industrial clusters, trade associations and high-tech research centres.