econcept, Agency for Sustainable Design

econcept supports companies, consumers and other organizations on their way to more sustainable, future-oriented ways of producing, consuming and thinking (Sustainable Development). We create sustainable products and services, advise design companies and conduct research projects. We disseminate the knowledge gained through education and training, publications, networks and workshops. The team of econcept consists of a core group and a network of external experts. Depending on the project content, an adequate team of experts is assembled, which can solve the given tasks professionally. In research projects, we cooperate with other research organizations and corporate partners.

Company details

Mainzer Str. 23 , Cologne , D-50678 D-50678 Germany

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Environmental - Ecology and Nature Protection
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
less than 1,000,000 €

Ecological concept and product development

The development of environmentally friendly products, concepts and designs into visionary scenarios is the service of econcept.
This development includes instruments such as SWOT analysis, planning methods for ecological design, creativity techniques, Ökobilanzierungsmethoden, MIPS and other methods of analysis.

We have assembled an extensive Ecodesign toolbox that we use as needed.

„The guide will work for every product. Even if you now have a fruit shop with organic vegetables.“
Dagmar Fritz,  Management Director, Baufritz GmbH

What is an environmentally friendly product?
We define environmentally friendly products, systems, infrastructure and services as goods which provide optimum satisfaction of identified needs while requiring a minimal amount of materials and energy, simultaneously minimizing pollutant emissions and waste throughout the product life cycle.

In short: a lot of little environmental benefit

All that are involved in any way in shaping our environment - designers, engineers, constructors, product managers, etc., can help to ensure that our economy is ecologically sustainable.

EcoDesign, the development of an environmentally friendly product, system, infrastructure or service, which includes both the external and the internal structure and design, is in demand.

Environmentally friendly product development looks at the entire life of a product; from raw materials extraction through production, use, recycling and disposal. It covers technical factors, material and energy consumption and considers new strategies of shared benefit, re-use and distribution.