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Econova AB

Econova is an innovative company which strives toward a renewable future. We base our recycling methods on nature`s own processes such as sun, wind and microbial life. The recycled products are sold alongside a large amount of other products relating to nature and gardening. Econovas turnover today is approximately 700 MSEK and currently employs about 170 people in Scandinavia. Our headquarters are located in Åby, outside of Norrköping. Econova processes waste products where they arise, in order to recycle and transform them into new, usable products.

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Jursla Industriområde, Box 90 , Åby , 616 21 Sweden

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Waste and Recycling - Composting
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Internationally (various countries)
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Working closely with customers and focusing on development and growth has resulted in new business ideas, which in turn has shaped today's Econova.

Econova, year by year

In 1959 the foundation for Econovas operations was set up by Bengt and Kerstin Andersson. The year when the entrepreneur Bengt chose to fully invest in his company, which built roads for forestry equipment. The small company grew quickly and, as the entrepeneur Bengt was, he often found opportunities for new business. 

The first thoughts of recycling were awoken in the 1970s when the company started to compost bark and using it to produce soil, an activity Econova still conducts today. 

Operating landfills and carrying out the final coverage of landfills is a growing market, thanks to new laws and regulations. In 2004 Econova assumed the task of operating the recycling facility at Häradsudden, where the company has been able to develop ideas concerning the disposal of residue and recycling. 

Knowledge and experience has been prominent within all companies Econova has acquired. Weibull Trädgård, which Econova acquired 2008, is considered to be one of Sweden's oldest companies on the garden market. The foundation for the brands Weibulls and Hammenhögs can be traced back to Skåne in the 1800s.

Econova knows how environmental operations become profitable and should be a driving force for a sustainable development. Together with our customers and partners, we collaborate on a daily basis to take steps toward our vision 'A greener world'.

Our vision describes what we constantly work to achieve together, as well as expresses our equivocal connection to the environment, gardening and the green industry. Our business should promote a more sustainable development through the products and services we offer. Our vision confirms that we want to contribute with other values in addition to the economic ones.

With our mission we lay the foundation for Econova's identity. A sustainable development is a development that fulfills today's needs without jeopardizing the possibility for future generations to fulfill their needs.

Openness means that:

  • We achieve our goals through participation and cooperation
  • We have a responsible and honest relationship to each other and our environment
  • Diversity contributes to increased well-being, development and better business.

Involvement means that:

  • We recognize opportunities and make a difference
  • We can and want more
  • We create happiness in everyday life

Sustainability means that:

  • We show concern and take an overall responsibility for the resources that make up the foundation for our business – people and environment.
  • We are innovative and show courage in our actions
  • We are conscious of cost and quality and take responsibility for continual improvement.

Econova disposes of materials traditionally considered waste products and converts them into new products in a closed-loop cycle. By substituting non-renewable resources, the company takes part in creating the basis for sustainable development.

Within Econova we attempt to turn environmental problems into possibilities and solutions. Our knowledge stretches over several lines of business and our strength lies in creating links between actors. Econova unites industries and municipalities with a holistic perspective, innovative solutions and creative methods of cooperating; creating profitable closed loops. 

The premise is doing what nature does - but on a larger scale. Econova's methods are based on natures own processes - sun, wind and microlife. We use nature's own resources to, for instance, compost and sanitize.

Among our customers are forestry industries, energy producers, garden businesses and municipalities. Together with the customer we strive to always achieve a local closed loop in order to reach mutual environmental goals.