Ecoprocess Engineering Limited

Ecoprocess Engineering Limited

With a total population forecast to increase to over nine billion by 2050, world resources are coming under increasing stress. It is clear that energy and water are of paramount importance to a sustainable future. Ecoprocess Engineering Limited offers you customised solutions to your energy and wastewater needs, providing full system analysis, design, manufacture, installation monitoring and ongoing support. We have a manufacturing base in the UK and local agents in Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia to support regional operations.

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Hunters Industrial Park, Pinfold Lane , Mold , Flintshire CH7 6NZ United Kingdom
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Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

  • Efficient
  • Environmental
  • Economical
  • Site survey and diagnostics
  • Bespoke design
  • Custom manufacture and commissioning
  • Ongoing monitoring and support

We aim to enhance both environmental and economic benefits to you through:

  • Detailed investigation and analysis
  • Excellence in design and manufacture
  • Practicability in installation and maintenance
  • Reduced capital and operational costs

Our ethos is to put customer requirements first, with a pragmatic approach to engineering solutions. Ensuring client satisfaction means that ninety percent of our business is on a repeat or referral basis.

Our proven client engagement process will help guide you to selecting the most suitable equipment for your particular application.

Sustainable Development
EcoProcess Engineering Ltd. have chosen to incorporate environmental sustainability into its core business dealings. We are mindful of the importance of sustainability – emanating from a sea change from our clients, the public at large and tougher environmental regulations.

We have adopted procedures that not only involve the essential needs of our operations, but that also comply with environmental regulation and the recognition that sustainability is important to the protection of natural resources and human existence. Our actions take into account the future impact of economic development and incorporates this in ways that benefit our clients, the environment and the consumer’s quality of life. Our designs and manufacturing result in improved water quality and use of natural resources.

Harvesting the heavens
Only 2% of the Earth’s water is fresh and safe to drink. But, more than half of this water is located in difficult to access areas such as the polar ice caps. In addition, we waste a good proportion of this drinkable water simply because we take it for granted. 

Can we make water from scratch? Theoretically yes, but in practice the reality is much harder. It’s just two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom connected; right?

However, mixing hydrogen and oxygen together doesn’t make water – to join them together you need energy. Lot’s of energy. The trouble with adding energy into the equation is that a large-scale chemical reaction of flammable hydrogen and oxygen is likely to result in a rather large explosion. So, let’s keep it simple and make best use of the freshwater we do have. Our Ecoprocess water cycle shows a way to collect and reuse this free and precious resource.

Economic Effects
We understand that our clients are concerned about the environment and wasteful business practices. Consumers have become more mindful of air and water quality, fuel emissions, carbon footprint and eco-friendly consumption. Our ethos is that sustainability should still be cost positive without doing extensive damage to the environment.

Sustainability Policy
Ecoprocess Engineering Limited is a leader in waste water treatment and energy systems. Ecoprocess Engineering delivers a comprehensive service from project inception and survey through design, manufacturing and installation to operation and monitoring.

Sustainable solutions guided by personal values mean our customers and supply chain provide benefits to stakeholders in the community and environment in which we work and live.

The social, environmental and economic impact of our work is paramount to our core beliefs. This policy underpins our commitment to ensuring that sustainability is considered through all our actions.

The sustainability objectives of Ecoprocess Engineering are listed below:

  • Engage positively with regulators and the local communities in which we work, through specific project engagement and through company-wide initiatives
  • Actively promote sustainability in our industry through the industry associations, partnerships and organisations we support, including the CWWA.
  • Deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our ethical and contractual obligations
  • Improve resource consumption, efficiency and production, throughout the whole supply chain from design, manufacture and operation
  • Encourage innovative ideas, internally and with our supply chain, thus creating financial savings and benefit for our customers, society and the wider environment

This policy will be reviewed annually, and be adapted and changed where required. This policy will be communicated to all our staff and will be made available to the public via the Ecoprocess Engineering website.