ecos consultancy has supported companies, public institutions, associations, municipalities, cantons, foundations and the authorities in sustainable development projects. In three fields of activity (ecos Prozesse, ecos Invest and ecos Kommunikation), ecos works with clients to draw up ideas, strategies and solutions. ecos designs and reflects processes of social dialogue and negotiation that aim to develop broad-based sustainable solutions. Such processes provide opportunities for various interest groups and thus promote a willingness for change, create space for new ideas, overcome conflicts and blockages, plan in line with needs, and raise acceptance of (political) decisions.

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Elisabethenstrasse 22 , Basel , CH-4051 Switzerland

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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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ecos Processes

  • Design, facilitation and support of dialogue processes for sustainable development.
  • Training services and networks to anchor sustainable development locally.
  • Evaluation and research cooperation for quality assurance of dialogue and Local Agenda 21 processes.

ecos Invest

  • Development of investment funds that integrate ecological, social and ethical criteria (socially responsible investments).
  • Financing solutions and business models for the marketing of commercially viable, ecological and socially acceptable products.
  • Evaluation and management instruments for companies and projects oriented towards sustainability.
  • Interdisciplinary projects in the fields of energy, mobility, water and health.

ecos Communications

  • Advising companies, government agencies, organizations and scientific institutions on the design and implementation of communications strategies and measures.
  • Writing and producing specialist publications on environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Communication and marketing concepts for municipal and local authorities.
  • Producing popular versions of scientific reports.
  • sustainability archive.
  • Construction of and editorial support for websites concerning sustainable development.
  • Providing and delivering up-to-date content for such websites.

Sustainable development with ecos creates value for the economy, environment and society.

Mission Statement

ecos develops, realises, supports and evaluates processes, projects and products that harmonise the needs of the economy, the environment and society. ecos wants to contribute to the long-term maintenance of vital resources for people and the natural ecosystems.

Working method

To do justice to the many-layered requirements of these tasks, ecos always works in an interdisciplinary way, cooperating closely with clients, their target audience, and professional partner companies.

Core competencies

The core competencies of ecos include process development, project management, evaluation and communications for sustainable development in all three areas: economy, environment and society.

Project management

The efficient use of resources and the high efficacy of processes and projects towards achieving its goal are the leitmotivs of ecos project management.


Staff in the three fields of ecos's activity form project-related teams based on specific client requirements. One contact person in each team is always responsible for coordination and quality assurance.


Motivation, quality and willingness to make the effort are nourished by the professional commitment to sustainable development and the ecos company ethos. This is characterised by cooperation, solidarity, critical awareness, client focus, openness to innovation and transparency. These six elements also form the basis for optimum working conditions and the staff's opportunities for flourishing and personal involvement. 

ecos was formed in spring 2000 from the communications firm Oekomedia, which was founded in 1986, and is a member of the following associations:

Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt (trade association)
Network for a Socially Responsible Economy
Swiss association for environmentally conscious management
Swiss Excellence Forum
swisscleantech Association