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Ecosir Group Ltd is specialized in energy-efficient vacuum waste pipeline transfer solutions (called generally as AWCS/PWS- systems). The wide system portfolio includes number of automated solutions for mixed and organic waste (BIO waste) , energy waste and for paper / cardboard material including linen/laundry. The installed capacities can be up to 45 tn/day or more.The reference installations can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centers, food service centers, kitchens and city centers making Ecosir Group one of the industry-leading systems supplier.

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Ruukinmestarintie 12 , Espoo , 02330 Finland

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Waste and Recycling
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Globally (various continents)

Ecosir Group Ltd's solutions have been successfully installed worldwide for over 20 years. Several fractions can be collected by using hygienic and odorless XMIT vacuum pipeline system. The waste is collected  efficiently via pipeline in to the integrated waste station waiting to be transported for further processing in a closed hygienic containers.  The Shaftline transmission system provides an economical solution for vertical transportation especially for hospitals, hotels and shopping centers.

Depending on the application  Ecosir Group can provide a complete One Partner waste products offering together its system deliveries.


•Ecosir Group has more than 25 years experience in environmental technology based on integrated companies. Its one of the oldest company in its field. 

*Ecosir Group's companys history startetd at 1986. Panostaja Plc acquired Group three companies in 2008 and 2009 and integrated them to form one of the leading player in it’s field with a unique product offering and know-how.

•Panostaja Plc is listed in Helsinki Stock exchange (OMX) and Ecosir Group is one of the 10 business areas. PanostajaPlc’s turnover was about 180 million euro in 2013 and Ecosir Group's yearly turnover up to 6.3 million euro in years 2009 - 2013. Panostaja Plc is a major shareholder in Ecosir Group Oy and company is reported as its associtated company.

•Ecosir Group has it's headquarter and operations in Espoo, Finland, domestic operation unit in Kuopio and administration in Tampere, Finland.  The number of the personnel varies on the projects and the average number of the professionally educated engineering employees has been around 18 since year 2009. Company employes around hundred employess through its partner network.

•Company’s comprehensive product range includes several solutions for mixed and organic waste, energy and paper materials, laundry and waste management consultation

•The major installations for health care applications like hospitals and nursery homes, shopping- and city centers makes it no1 in its field in Europe