Ecosistemi Srl

Ecosistemi Srl

Ecosistemi Srl, whose offices and departments are in Squinzano (Lecce), in the heart of Salento, is a Company that designs and constructs sewage, primary and domestic wastewater treatment plants and machinery. Our first mission is the complete satisfaction of our customer, it focuses, in particular, on the continuous attention to the purchaser demand and the constant choice of the best solution possible with the most competitive costs. To reach all these goals Ecosistemi s.r.l. avails itself of skilful collaborators, specialised and qualified in sewage and domestic wastewater treatment machines and systems planning and construction.

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Via Lecce, 159/161 , Squinzano (LE) , Puglia 73018 Italy

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Purification and Wastewater Treatment Plants

In the course of the years Ecosistemi Srl specialised in planning, sizing and construction, handling, maintenance and assistance of the purification plants, of the primary surface water or ground one plants, of the sewage depuration plants and of the first rain water plants.

Our story

Ecosistemi was born on September 24,1996 as sole trader in Squinzano (Lecce), thanks to the intuition and passion of Mr. Vittorio Visconti, at that time a successful and esteemed technical account manager in business regarding supplies and provisions to the companies, from the beginning orientating with excellent results to handcraft, industrial and tourist firms on the local area, offering services and solutions to the wastewater treatment.

In 2002, after an awful lot of work and customers, even strangers, together with ambitious growth projects, Ecosistemi Srl turns into a capital society and starts an intense activity of research and development in order to aim new wastewater treatment machines and technologies planning and construction. A kind of research and development activity supported only by its own technical and economical resources.

  • The constant attention to the technologies in water purification and the passion in what we do, allow us to take care of the water, so as to meet the needs of the most sensitive .
  • We are continuously striving to better understand their needs, to improve existing services and to offer innovative solutions.
  • Accuracy, methodological reliability, flexibility and high professionalism are essential elements.
  • The respect for the timing established and the optimization of the costs/benefits guarantee the full achievement of the expectations of those who rely on us.
  • We always look forward to build long-term partnerships with our customers for a highly satisfactory service.

'We believe Earth is our home and our home is a place which we have to take care of. The 70.8 % of the planet's surface is covered by water and, with more or less the same percentage, water is the major constituent of the human body. We believe in its importance and we hardly work in order to let this resource be for ever useful to man'.

Thus far our expansion program locates in Europe and the Mediterranean basin our natural commercial outlet and makes us as landmark of this area of expertise, a goal to be pursued through the experience and professionalism, enhancing even more the former and increasing the latter, two purposes, both priority , which require diligence and will at all levels.