Ecosoft is a large international company specializing in water treatment. We manufacture and market engineered water purification solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications since 1991. Ecosoft`s mission is to secure highest quality of water wherever it is of importance: at the tap in a residence, in a cafe or hotel, a poultry plant of brewery, in the process cycle of a metallurgical plant or a power plant. Ecosoft headquarters and main production site are located in Nettetal, Germany. We supply products to 36 countries with the help of our foreign offices and agents. Eastern European office and production facilities are located in Kiev, Ukraine, a country with a well-established tradition of engineering science. Kiev office is part of our R&D, production and distribution architecture. Ecosoft operates full production cycle of many of its products. Ecosoft quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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Ecosoft is both a manufacturer of equipment and a vendor of integrated solutions for treatment of difficult types of water in household environment as well as in commercial and municipal water treatment. In all three segments, Ecosoft uses its portfolio of highly successful own developments and vast body of know-how to stay many steps ahead of competition. Its Research and Development team boasts 10 academic degrees and 11 WQA CWS engineers. Own ISO 9001 certified factory and its high added value produce make it a supplier of choice in the EMEA as well as North America and a number of smaller markets.


Ecosoft owns recently modernized 3000 m² production facility. The factory's capacity allows Ecosoft to fully satisfy its domestic demand while rapidly growing overseas presence. The company employs highly skilled workforce that undergoes regular training and auditing. It owes its trademark quality to its devoted team and top notch machinery.

Currently, the factory comprises 7 subunits:
― filter housings
― household water purifiers and filters
― composite filtration media
― residential and commercial water treatment systems
― industrial water treatment plants
― purified water vending systems
― plastic tanks

Smart planning and production logistics including multiple site orders avoids any bottlenecks in order processing. The factory is ISO 9001:2008 certified and follows ANSI acceptance testing protocols.


Ecosoft's products range from disposable filters for household use to residential water treatment systems to infrastructure supply water treatment units to industrial and municipal plants.
Because many of its products are manufactured all the way up from low processed raws, the unbroken manufacturing chain ensures total quality control over the entire production process. Where the products are made using prefabricated components, only the best products are used that come from Dow Chemical, Chemviron Carbon, Clack Corporation.
All products for personal use are made from materials that have NSF, TÜV, or other health certificates.
Systems for commercial use are guaranteed to meet design and performance specifications.
All Ecosoft products come with full marketing and aftersale support.
Please see product catalogs in Download section at Ecosoft website.