Elastocon AB

Elastocon AB

Elastocon manufactures and sells testing instruments for rubber and plastic materials. We offer instruments for existing test methods and develop instruments for new test methods. Our objective is to offer instruments with high precision, which gives accurate results. Our relaxation test system, which you can find at customers all over the world, consists of different articles. This is a way to increase the flexibility in the system and a way to facilitate the possibility to find the perfect match to your testing needs, both in size and other features.

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Tvinnargatan 25 , BRÄMHULT , SE-507 30 Sweden
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The objective of Elastocon is to manufacture instruments giving reliable results for existing test methods and to develop new instruments for new test methods.

We can offer the following:

  • Instruments
  • Calibration
  • Testing

The range of instruments includes our own developed instruments as well as instruments from several known instrument manufacturers.

Göran Spetz had, when he started Elastocon, a great deal of experience in rubber technology, first as lab manager at Firestone in Borås for 11 years and later  as manager for the rubber testing at the National Testing Institute for 12 years.

Göran Spetz has participated in the standardisation of rubber test methods in the Swedish standards and in ISO TC 45 since 1978. During the development of the ISO test method standard for testing of stress relaxation Göran developed an instrument for continuous testing of stress relaxation. Later on some companies showed interest in buying this instrument. However, as with many home built instruments, the equipment needed further development to be sold commercially. Göran obtained permission from the testing institute to start a company and further develop the stress relaxation tester in his free time and after two years of further development the relaxation testing system was ready.

To be able to do the relaxation tests at elevated temperatures, Göran needed a precise ageing oven and so the first cell ageing oven was developed. The first cell oven was sold to a company even before it was finally designed, it was only a sketch on paper.

The next instrument developed was the fogging tester. A customer needed a fogging tester and Elastocon built one.

The business grew and when Göran got the offer to represent a manufacturer of rheological testing instruments in Scandinavia, he decided to leave the testing institute and work with Elastocon full time in 1989. The company also moved from the Spetz family garage to new renovated premises at a former hospital in Borås.

Since then Elastocon has developed about 30 new instrument  systems, from compression test rigs to automatic testing instruments. The design, development and electrical assembly is done by Elastocon  and the mechanical manufacturing by several subcontractors.

Elastocon also started a calibration service 1993 and is now able to  calibrate most testing instruments with traceability to international references.

  • 1999 ISO-9001 certification
  • 2000 ISO-17025 accredited for calibration
  • 2011 We took over the operations of Mätcentrum i EskilstunaAB
  • 2011 We moved to new premises in Brämhult, Borås
  • 2012 We moved the length laboratory from Eskilstuna to Brämhult in Borås
  • 2015 Martin Spetz succeeds Göran Spetz as managing director for Elastocon AB