Electrical Waste Recycling Group

Electrical Waste Recycling Group

The Electrical Waste Recycling Group was formed from many established brands such as Lampcare (UK) Recycling, EasyWEEE, Matrix Direct Recycle and the Battery Recycling Company. The company provides a fully auditable national service to every UK post code in the collection, transportation, processing and recycing of all electrical waste streams covered under the WEEE Directive. Supported by 6 collection hubs and three fully PPC Licensed processing plants EWRG boast the largest lamp, WEEE and CRT processing plants in the UK and in some cases in Europe. They operate whenever possible a zero landfill strategy & provide an environmentally sound program for lamps, WEEE, batteries and other associated waste streams. A very prestigious client base has contracted these services for up to 5 years and this has developed the growth of the largest collections of lamp waste and the largest network of WEEE and batteries containers in the UK.

Company details

National Customer Support Centre, Windlestone Manor, , Windlestone , County Durham DL17 0NA United Kingdom

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Electrical Waste Recycling Group offers a totally unique service provision to any other WEEE operator in the UK market place.

With in house FPD automated mechanical processing fully approved by government agencies, in house mercury distillation, copper recycling, 20 tonnes of WEEE processing per hour, the largest lamp recycling facility in the UK and a battery recycling company their offer to market is simply without equal or comparison anywhere within the UK.

What really makes the difference is the quickest and most accountable first class nationwide delivery and collection service described by most clients as being “beyond their competitors” and a workforce who thrive on a proactive culture where a ‘Can Do’ approach is gleaned from the very first phone call.

If you haven’t experienced this best in class WEEE service offering then ring today on 01388 721000 and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about!

Electrical Waste Recycling Company was formed in 2008 from a group of recycling companies providing the most complete ‘one-stop-shop’ within the UK WEEE market place.

Originally the first division was Lampcare (UK) Recycling formed in 2000 in Scotland and this was joined in 2006 by Easy WEEE, 2007 with WERCS Compliance Scheme then in 2008 by Battery Recycling Company. In 2009 the group opened Carbon Toes and then in 2013 we became the first and only company in the UK with the equipment, knowledge and government approval to mechanically process Flat Panel Displays thus the creation of a new division called FPD Recycle.

With the ability to process WEEE, FPD, Lamps, Mercury, Copper Cable and batteries; EWRG has become the obvious choice for discerning WEEE producers who have the peace of mind of receiving the most responsive nationwide collection

service and all carried out to ISO 9000 (Quality), 14001 (Environmental) and 18001 (Health & Safety) standards.

The group proudly has many unique advantages over the recycling market place and has been described by many top auditors and industry specialists as the most complete electrical waste recycling facility in the UK and probably worldwide.

The audit is completely transparent and is carried out under one roof. No hidden journeys or unanswered questions…all of your waste processed to the highest standards and levels of recovery explaining why our site is used for training and reference purposes by both the Environment Agency and DEFRA.

Come and work with us and see what many waste specialists say is the best WEEE facility in the UK!

When others say they can’t…we say WEEE CAN!

We strive to be best in class at everything we do. Our staff will go that extra mile in every way possible. We have scores of client testimonials saying our drivers are first class, our customer service team are the best around and the factory we operate from displays standards of organisation, cleanliness, recycling and recovery that is quite simply best in class.

Electrical Waste Recycling Group prides itself of collecting waste nationally without surcharges on location in a fraction of the time of its competitors and then processing the waste in a transparent

and auditable facility that is beyond most organisations to achieve. We give our clients a simple decision of partnering EWRG and we work tirelessly every day to improve the high standards we have reached today.

We frown on “yes buts” and we continue to provide the most responsive and environmentally sound program for WEEE, Lamps, Batteries, FPD’s, Copper Cables and Mercury products in one building anywhere in the United Kingdom and probably further afield.

Join us today…we will strive to make you delighted with your decision!

  • Only facility in UK with fully approved mechanical processing of Flat Panel Display (FPD) WEEE
  • Fully abated 20 tonne per hour WEEE processing plant
  • Copper cable processing plant
  • Multiple mercury distillation plants
  • Most comprehensive and state of the art lamp recycling plant in UK
  • Sodium Lamp Recycling Plant
  • CFL Lamp Recycling Plant
  • Battery Recycling Company
  • Comprehensive WEEE Depollution facility
  • Only WEEE processor licensed to process lamps
  • Only lamp recycler with a WEEE processing facility
  • Most comprehensive B2B nationwide collection facility in the market place
  • Bespoke WEEE software to streamline clients reporting needs
  • Probably the most proactive WEEE support team and customer service ethic in the WEEE market
  • Operate a Zero Landfill policy
  • All waste is processed and traded in the UK – no waste shipped abroad
  • Provision for clients waste reporting and documentation support
  • Deliveries and collections to all UK postcodes
  • Collections in 4-6 working days- the most efficient in industry
  • A single consignment note for lamps, WEEE and battery collections