Eletta Flow AB

Eletta Flow AB

Eletta started business in the late 1940s and since then the name has been synonymus with flow monitoring in many industries worldwide. Eletta gives you different types of mechanical end electro mechanical flow monitors and meters.

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Mälarvägen 3 , Segeltorp , SE-141 71 Sweden

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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The parent company in the Eletta group is Eletta Invest AB. Eletta is active in two divisions Measurement & Control and Under Water Cleaning.  In all, the two divisions have production facilities, offices and warehouses in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, China, India and the USA.

Measurement & Control

This group consists of Eletta Flow AB and Cerlic Controls AB. In 2005 Eletta aquired Cerlic Controls AB. Eletta Flow and Cerlic Controls manufacture products of their own proprety design, Eletta Flow makes flow montiors and meters and Cerlic Controls makes instruments for water, waste water and process control. Both are present worldwide.

The aim is to build on both companies’ core values such as Quality, Reliability and Longevity by making use of common research and development resources. The Measurement and Control Division offers an extensive and qualified product range in the line of Process Instrumentation. Its products are sold through Authorized Distributors around the world.
For more on Cerlic Controls please go to www.cerlic.com.

Underwater Cleaning

In the division Underwater Cleaning you will find WEDA Sweden, a private owned Swedish company with production in Södertälje, Sweden, and sales world wide. WEDA has over 50 years experience of pumps being used under water. WEDA has specialized in solutions for cleaning under water with automatical and semi-automatical robots. Production and development of the cleaners are made in co-operation with the end-users within the pool industry world wide.

In 1947 two brothers, Hugo Torbard and Tage Torbard, founded Elektriska AB Eletta, the company known today as Eletta Flow AB. Initially the company, which was based in Stockholm, produced different kinds of electrical equipment. The electrical part of the business is still maintained by Eletta Automation. However, that company was sold in the mid 1990:s and is no longer a part of the Eletta Group.

Business developed well and Eletta gained customers in different industries. Some were machine builders such as Metso Paper (then Defibrator) while others produced e.g. transformers. These early customers of Eletta´s electrical equipment also showed an interest in controlling the flow in different applications such as the oil in transformers.

On their initiative Eletta started designing and producing flow monitors.

These early flow monitors proved successful and in the early 1950:s they were launched on the market. From a technical point of view the flow monitors were based on the differential pressure principle and equipped with an orifice plate. That basic design, although much improved, is still the foundation of more than 90 percent of the flow monitors produced by Eletta. One of the first models was called VB1 and was a part of a series called VC1 and VD1 respectively. In lthe 1960:s the V-series, which is still produced in large numbers, was launched. Over the years the range has been expanded with new materials, larger process connections and different out-put signals. The latest new model is the M-series launched in 2004. It makes use of the latest modern technology using a microprocessor, electronical pressure sensors and especially designed software to communicate. At the same it stays true to the differential pressure principle.