eltherm Elektrowärmetechnik GmbH

eltherm Elektrowärmetechnik GmbH

With over four decades of experience and a continuous drive to provide the highest quality product, eltherm® is a global leader in the supply of electrical heat tracing systems and custom solutions to meet our customer’s highest expectations.

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480 University Avenue, Suite 1500 , Toronto , M5G 1V2 Germany
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Electronics and Computers
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Globally (various continents)
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Who We Are
eltherm GmbH is an international operating company specializing in the field of electrical heat tracing systems. With more than 40 years of technology know-how, continuous demand for the highest quality and flexibility, this owner-managed company has grown significantly since its humble beginning. The clear commitment to the production site Germany strongly emphasizes the philosophy of eltherm, which is to supply its customers with electrical heat tracing system solutions individually tailored to their requirements on the highest levels. Having its own production site for heating cables, heating hoses, heating mats and jackets, measurement and control systems and accessories, it has enhanced the engineering society in eltherm so as to become one of the leading manufacturers for electrical heat tracing systems worldwide.

The portfolio has been completed by the production of self-regulating heating cables. Due to its high-tech demand on the production of such cables eltherm has now joined the premium league of heating cable manufacturers. Only about ten heating cable manufacturers worldwide master the technology for manufacturing self-regulating heating cables, and eltherm is the only one located in Germany.

Besides frost protection and temperature maintenance up to 900 °C, eltherm is the competent partner for complete system solutions like heating whole chemical or other industrial plants. eltherm proved its potential and expertise in different applications for industries like oil and gas, power plant building, automotive and food industries.

Specialists – Right from the start
eltherm Elektrowärmetechnik GmbH started up in 1991 in rented premises in Burbach [Germany].  Its two founders are former employees of a company operating internationally in the trace heating branch.  Their joint move to working for themselves was a success right from the start.  Pioneering work was carried out with the electrical heating of a sugar silo in 1994, opening the market up to them.  One year later, their premises had become too small and work began on building a new production and administrative building.  In the same year eltherm established its innovative electrical tank container heating systems on a large scale and won a significant contract with Procter & Gamble.  By the time the firm moved in 1996 it already had twenty employees.  Since then, the production area has been tripled in size and there has been serious investment in building up production capacity.  The company, which changed its name to eltherm GmbH in 2009, currently has 130 employees.

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements
Our highly competent team of engineers specialises in the development and installation of complete trace heating systems for extremely varied applications. eltherm has already carried out pioneering work in a number of areas and set new benchmarks, as for example the electrical heating of tank containers and sugar silos. Our teams are constantly working on new solutions and systems. Set us a challenge!

Quality is important to us
To provide you with an excellent level of quality at all times and to be able to meet your own quality demands, we have built up our own production shops right from the outset. This is where we produce heating cables, hoses, jackets and mats and measurement and regulation appliances and all the corresponding accessories ourselves. Only about ten heating cable manufacturers worldwide master the technology for manufacturing self-regulating heating cables, and eltherm is the only one located in Germany. We only use top-quality materials, and process them using leading-edge technology. Our many certifications, including ISO 9001, are proof of this.

Specialists at work
Our core competence is the provision of heat using electric trace heating, compensating for heat losses, and the comprehensive knowledge of the related applications. Our team comprises experts with more than 40 years’ experience in the branch alongside younger colleagues with excellent training records. In this way we are able to put top innovative power based on leading-edge technology, know-how and experience to work for you.

Setting targets

  • We would like to develop innovative und front-line trace heating systems with you in a long-term partnership.
  • We react quickly and flexibly to market demands and constantly optimise our business processes. This means that you have the benefit of a reliable partner at the top level.
  • We are constantly improving our product by introducing new developments, thereby ensuring economic and technical advantages for you.
  • We achieve this because our employees are long-standing, highly qualified, and motivated. Continuous further training and the assurance of a pleasant working environment are also important elements.
  • The heating systems we supply to you are always reliable. Our quality management system and our purchasing department work hard every day to ensure the high quality of all our products. We see bringing sustainability into line with ecological and economical target-setting as an important requirement.

Our understanding of Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

We see 'Quality and Customer Satisfaction“ as unconditional motto for our business success.
Quality means for us, manufacturing of products that have the desired error free functions over the planed life-time. If the quality does not fulfill these requirements, there is an unacceptable result of costs and a loss of our customers. The customer alone sets our quality factor attributes.

Customer Satisfaction means for us, realization of processes that not only satisfy our customers, but also moves toward business success.

We guarantee 'Quality and customer satisfaction“ through preventive measures.
A high quality standard only through control, refinishing or sanitation, only means a waste of time, money and resources. We knowingly set early upon quality, and safely plan through error protective procedures, and in consideration of the actual standards, even when a bigger effort is required. Through the continual improvement of our methods and procedures and the reduction of additional expenditures, this is more than compensated.

Engineering design company with its own manufacturing plant
eltherm GmbH has developed out of an engineering design company, and despite its enormous growth in recent years and the development of its own comprehensive manufacturing unit, still remains an engineering design company. eltherm’s core competences are the design, development and implementation of suitable tailor-made heating in the form of complete systems, including for large-scale projects. Whether this involves chemical plant, liquid gas installations, sugar silos, particle accelerators or radar screens for aircraft hangars, for eltherm it means achieving the best solutions by working together, and this is based on the exceptional abilities of our engineers with more than 40 years’ experience of the branch.

From the point of defining the task up to completion of the system, our employees work together in project teams, in order to achieve the best possible result. In this way, eltherm has succeeded in setting new standards in a number of areas by introducing electrical trace heating and creating further options.

  • Electrical trace heating for tank containers
  • Electrical trace heating for white sugar silos
  • Antenna heating

The product range is as varied as the possibilities for applications:

  • Protecting water pipes from freezing
  • Maintaining temperatures in the foodstuffs, chemical and petro-chemical industries
  • Transporting fats for test gas analyses
  • Preventing the build-up of snow and ice on roofs and aerials
  • Creating an ultra-clean vacuum, e.g. in the nuclear industry or for particle acceleration
  • For oil and gas pipes and LNG storage tanks
  • For heating points, rails and overhead cables in railway transport
  • For use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Know - How

At eltherm, we believe in our principle of the “eltherm know-how pyramid“.  Outstanding engineers with more than 40 years’ experience in the branch are the basis for this.  This foundation is completed by decades of experience of the market, the product, and its use.   In addition, we have production competence and capacity in the field of research and development as well as in construction and work preparation.  Total customer focus and quality assurance through certification completes the pyramid.

It is only when all the areas work closely together, pursuing the same target, that we can assure you and ourselves of success.

Solution Competence
Because we have our own in-house development department, we are able to specially develop the most suitable product for a particular application. Our specialists here work hand in hand with our project engineers and marketing in order to devise the perfect solution for the customer and its heating problem.

Our laboratory and our test installations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which enables our specialists to carry out their work at a very high level. This means that we are always in a position to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market and your individual wishes. In this way we can ensure that the trace heating solution delivered to you is the best, with suitable products and top quality.

Electrical trace heating in the form of heating cables and self-regulating heating cables, heating hoses, heating jackets, heating sleeves, measurement and regulation technology and accessories have many industrial and construction applications. Whether it is individual components or a total trace heating system, eltherm has the suitable solution for every application.

There is scarcely any industry in which trace heating cannot be used. Here is a selection of areas in which eltherm is active.

  • Chemical and petro-chemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power plant construction
  • Nuclear technology
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Surface technologies
  • Bitumen applications
  • Rail traffic
  • Building technology
  • And other applications

If you haven’t found yourself or your application in this list, just ask us, so that we can suggest a solution to you.