EN Rx, Inc.

EN Rx, Inc.

EN Rx was founded in 2001 and has established itself as a member of the engineering vendor community that offers innovative environmental remediation solutions. EN Rx is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company with offices in Texas, Florida, Colorado and California. The flagship product is the Vertebrae™ Segmented Horizontal Well System with several unique operational features. The nested, segmented feature offers great flexibility in assessment and treatment of sites and features the ability to overcome access issues, whether it be in the built environment, both subsurface and overhead, or as a function of business criteria such as with secure locations or as a function of property encroachment. EN Rx can deploy its systems wherever an independent driller can create the proper borehole.

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PO Box 270586 , Flower Mound , Texas 75027 USA
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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Applications in development are a lower cost and easy to deploy sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) or as a preventative measure such as in leak detection in active storage and distribution operations. On a cost basis, a major advantage of the Vertebrae™ System, is that one horizontal well can be the equivalent of up to eleven vertical wells, depending on variable site conditions. Among other things, one does not have to drill through large vadose zones, a fact that can compound savings. Also, Vertebrae™ Systems are smaller and more compact in design offering other advantages in cost and deployment; one example is there is a shorter setback requirement for drilling access.

EN Rx also has a product which is a support platform, called EN Rx SP™.  SP™ was designed for use with the Vertebrae System, but can also be deployed for use on vertical well networks. It is a self-contained, solar-powered, remotely operating and communications-ready injection device that can either assess the aquifer or inject reagents into it. In the assessment phase there is a vacuum module that can draw in gas or water, run through a sensor and data logged. In the injection phase, the unit can mix/dilute and deliver reagents in a programmed fashion. The EN Rx SP avoids the logistics and expense of field visitation, to inject large volumes of reagents in wells, or other receptors, on a variable schedule.

EN Rx, Inc. is one of the country's leading environmental remediation solutions companies. We pride ourselves on performance and thus are more involved than other remedial suppliers with the design process and provide much more than just chemicals and systems. Our superior products and advanced technology can be customized to provide resolutions for a variety of issues.

Going beyond a typical product sales company, EN Rx is a solutions company. We pride ourselves in listening to our customers' needs and staying closely involved in the design and ultimate success of the project. We stand behind our products and believe in their performance. Our quality control ensures that our products are the best fit for our customers.

Our innovative equipment and practices allow EN Rx to provide customers with total solution packages that are unique to any other product or service in the industry.

The benefits that make our technologies more efficient also make them safer. Although we were considering safety when designing our products, we did not realize the level of safety we would achieve.

Vertebrae benefits from more safety avoiding traffic, working smarter, and it even carries over to safer sampling for consultants when on site.

Support Platform (SP) benefits from lower power, smaller foot prints, and safer smaller equipment.

When you chose these technologies you are choosing the safest options for total assessment and remediation of a site. Period.

Federal Agencies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency and many state and regional agencies are pushing for sustainable options for the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. EN Rx tools offer unique properties that allow a variety of assessment and remediation activities to be applied through the same infrastructure.

EN Rx SP is a one of a kind injection platform that allows options for injection that are rarely considered. Benefits include increased treatment effectiveness, flexible cash flow options, and lower overall cost. It is solar power capable, therefore requires no power drop and it can be set up in less than a day.

EN Rx tools:

  • operate with minimal impact to the surrounding area
  • are extremely quiet and emits no odors or light
  • require minimal O&M
  • are monitored remotely to ensure smooth operation
  • help minimize site visits
  • use sustainable energy
  • minimize IDW