Energy Efficiency Markets LLC

Energy Efficiency Markets LLC

We are seasoned energy journalists who have covered the energy industry for more than two decades. We know the industry, the language and the competition. Our in-depth understanding of energy allows us to identify trends long before they hit the mainstream press. We produce forward-looking work, often not found elsewhere, in a style that is clear, concise and highly readable. We have a far-reaching network of sources, cultivated through years of specializing in energy reporting. We’re known in the energy industry. Our work informs markets and wins readership.

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18 Lyman Street , Westborough , Virginia USA
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Publishing company
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Renewable Energy
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Nationally (across the country)

The energy industry is undergoing tremendous disruption — for the good.

And energy efficiency is at the heart of this change.

You may think of energy efficiency as switching out light bulbs in homes, greening buildings, or upgrading manufacturing equipment for higher performance.

All true. But energy efficiency is much more.

Look closely at the today’s revolution to create a more distributed electric grid, and what do you find? It is all ultimately about energy efficiency — wringing the most value, the most energy, out of each dollar (or euro, pound, yuan, etc.) spent.

Distributed solar, combined heat and power, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid, and other forms of disruptive energy all make the electric grid more efficient. They do this by:

Giving the consumer more control. And what we control, we better appreciate and use less wastefully, more thoughtfully.
Producing energy in a cleaner way. Less pollution means less expense fixing the environment or our own health, and therefore greater economic efficiency.
Placing energy production closer to where it’s consumed, avoiding the need to build costly central power plants or long transmission lines. When energy is made onsite, it also averts ‘line loss’, the natural dissipation of electricity as it travels distances.

On, you will find news and insight about these disruptive energy technologies, as well as more traditional forms of energy efficiency, such as better light bulbs, insulation, appliance standards, and energy management and monitoring. We focus on the business and policy side of energy efficiency: the creating, buying, selling, opportunity-making activity that shape the industry. We also warn you about attempts to block progress and rollback success.

We think all of these energy technologies will improve the health and economics of the planet and those of us on it. Please join us as we record and promote this remarkable time in energy history.

But don’t let us do all the talking. We’ve designed as a place for leaders and influencers to tell their own stories too.