ENFOS is what companies around the world use to organize their environmental cleanup. It’s a software platform that connects all of the complex information involved in environmental remediation and decommissioning. By truly connecting all related financial and technical information in one place, ENFOS allows organizations to better plan, perform, and measure their work. Every day, our customers and their contractors use ENFOS to not only keep a comprehensive record of their work, but to act upon it. We built ENFOS from the ground up as a cloud application – anywhere your team has internet, they will have secure and fully-functional access to ENFOS.

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2929 Campus Drive, Suite 415 , San Mateo , California 94403 USA

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Back in 2000, our founders left long-lived environmental consulting careers to build a product that addressed every issue they had seen in the processes of the environmental remediation world. Their goal was to make everything better: to give project managers a clear and measurable overview of their work; to pair up automatically with company ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle ERP; to tie together budgets, lab data and invoices to the real work being done on-site; to build detailed reports quickly and easily; to bring companies and their contractors into a single organized system; to make all data available on high-quality maps; and to automate absolutely everything that can be automated. 

To put it simply: if your organization has environmental projects to handle then ENFOS was made to save you time, money, and headaches.