EnGlobe Corp.

EnGlobe Corp.

Founded in Quebec more than 50 years ago, Englobe is the one of the largest soils, materials and environment organizations in Canada. EnGlobe Corp. is a worldwide leader when it comes to integrated environmental services. We have developed a unique expertise in the management of organic waste materials and in reusing or recovering decontaminated soils as well as in the precision testing and calibration of bulk tanks and storage systems. Our clients are in public administration, in business and industry in Canada, the Northeastern United States, the United Kingdom and France.

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4495 Wilfrid-Hamel Blvd, Suite #100 , Quebec , Quebec G1P 2J7 Canada

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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We offer our services through our various Canadian corporate divisions and subsidiaries:

  • Biogénie (Canada, United States, Europe) and Celtic Technologies (United Kingdom) specializing in contaminated site assessment and rehabilitation,
  • Biogénie (Canada), specializing in management of organic waster materials (supported by GSI Environnement and Les Composts du Québec)
  • Biogénie (United States and Europe) and Solution Soil Treatment Facility (Québec and Ontario), specializing in contaminated soil treatment in one of our 22 contaminated soil treatment facilities, and
  • Tanknology Canada, specializing in precision testing and calibration of underground and aboveground bulk tanks and storage systems for petroleum products or other hazardous industrial chemicals.

Our Mission
To become an international leader in the field of integrated environmental services, specializing in organic waste material and contaminated soil management, recovery and reuse.

Our Vision
To achieve durable and cost-effective growth, through natural expansion and corporate acquisitions,
by offering world-class advice, solutions and services to our clients with our growing number of strategically-located international offices.

In a nutshell

  • International headquarters are in Québec City, Québec, Canada
  • Over 25 offices, 12 of which are in Québec
  • Active in Canada, including Canada’s northern frontier, the Northeastern United States, the United Kingdom and France
  • 400 employees
  • Clients are municipalities, business, service and manufacturing industry and institutions
  • Over 30 years of experience

Our Values

  • Our clients’ satisfaction and the establishment of long-term relationships,
  • The personal development of our employees in a pleasant workplace where teamwork is the key,
  • The occupational health and safety of all through prevention and the adoption of safe work ethics and practises,
  • Personal respect, integrity and professionalism,
  • Management based on the highest-quality standards: the satisfaction of our clients, the compliance with the laws and regulations governing the environment, and the constant implementation and improvement of our processes,
  • Innovation and the development of new technologies.

Even before the term “sustainbale development” was coined, Biogénie knew we would be witness to an increasing demand for sustainable solutions to environmental management. 25 years later, our novel ideas have matured into state-of-the-art technological processes to recover and reuse organic waste materials and to treat contaminated soils.

Our corporation takes pride in:

  • Treating waste materials locally to reduce transportation of such materials and reduce greenhouse gas;
  • Adapt  our residual waste treatment processes to each situation, depending on the physical, geographic and economic concerns of each one of our clients;
  • Reducing the social and environmental impact of our operations and reducing nuisances;
  • Adhering to the 4R principles: reducing waste materials at the source, reusing residual waste, recycling and recovering organic waste and capturing useful waste and turning it into renewable energy;
  • Using landfill waste disposal  and incineration as a measure of last resort, when all other options have been exhausted;
  • Meeting and exceeding the recovery objectives set out in our municipal administrations’ Residual Waste Management Programs (RWMP);
  • Giving the highest priority to simple and ecological residual waste treatment processes over the use of more complex technologies available due to advantageous market conditions and the competitively low cost of landfill disposal;
  • Implementing a concerted and integrated residual waste management strategy;
  • To promote the local economy through the employment of local manpower and suppliers;
  • To ensure future generations enjoy a better quality environment.

Biogénie and Celtic Technologies Ltd.
EnGlobe’s business arm specializing in environmental site assessment and rehabilitation of contaminated sites (SAR) in Canada is Biogénie while Biogenie Corporation is active in the United States, Biogénie Europe SAS in France, Biogenie Site Remediation Ltd. and Celtic Technologies Ltd. operate in the United Kingdom. They offer environmental consulting services, ex situ (off-site) contaminated soil and groundwater recycling and recovery and the rehabilitation of contaminated or abandoned industrial sites under the name GSI Environment.

Biogénie operates several composting and transfer station facilities in Québec which it manages under the name GSI Environment. Through these companies, EnGlobe is able to offer a host of environmental services including composting, agricultural organic fertilizers, site rehabilitation and recycled residual waste materials for energy generation purposes. The company also sells eco-products in bulk through Les Composts du Québec Inc. and processes almost one million tonnes of organic waste annually through its various subsidiaries.

Solution Soil Treatment Facility
SOLUTION EAS/SOLUTION Soil Treatment Facility, a division of EnGlobe Corp., specializes in the treatment of contaminated soil and operates five soil decontamination facilities in Québec and Ontario. These treatment centres use a proven biological treatment process to create the most favourable conditions for the rapid growth of specific, naturally-occuring microorganisms to degrade organic contaminants into non-toxic compounds. SOLUTION EAS has successfully treated over one million metric tonnes of contaminated soil to this date, allowing land and real estate developers, excavating contractors, environmental consultants, local public administrations and government agencies, as well as service-oriented and manufacturing industry clean up and put back in service often long abandoned and unused parcels of land. The services of SOLUTION EAS constitute a quick, economical and definite solution to soil contamination.

Tanknology is EnGlobe’s division specializing in the precision testing and calibration of bulk tanks and storage systems and facilities to detect leaks, prevent spills and the contamination of the water table, thereby protecting public health. Tanknology also provides statistical inventory reconciliation, leak testing and metric calibration ensuring product inventories remain consistent.