Enhanced Spectrometry Inc.

Enhanced Spectrometry Inc.

Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc has started the commercial activities with the mission to bring innovative development in the field of Raman and Luminesce spectroscopy to people worldwide. The company accumulates more than 20 years’ experience in this area and develops technologically best products. We develop and manufacture Raman and Luminescence solutions to address a high market demand for powerful and portable device to identify, measure and control various range of substances for biochemical, pharmaceutical and countless applications.

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2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500 , San Jose , California 95128 USA
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Laboratory Equipment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. promotes the portable Raman and/or luminescent spectrometry solutions for advanced substances control, quality inspection, real-time testing and innovative brand protection based on proprietary technology of substances detection, recognition and coding of information.

The Company sells EnSpectr  devices, accessories, specialized software and services for inspection of consumer goods, medical supplies, water and beverages, and also for conducting real-time medical tests, providing hyper-sensitive methods of substances detection, targeting a high penetration to mass consumer market with low-cost portable and mobile EnSpectr  devices.

We consider the advanced substances detection, quality inspection and brand protection for life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and food supplements, spirit, jewelry as the applications of EnSpectr  devices.

EnSpectr  solutions are uniquely positioned to operate on three different markets:

  • Cost-effective scientific Raman and/or luminescent spectrometers. The price of EnSpectr  device pack is much cheaper and at least 100 times more precise instrument than competitive portable solutions. Plus ability to use SERS substrates for hyper-sensitivity.
  • Applied spectrometry for various industries. EnSpectr  solutions allow input and output control of substances and mixtures, detection of impurities, performing quality assurance, embedded manufacturing line/conveyor control, mobile substances identity control, instant in-package testing, and many more. All applications do not assume having any special skills in spectrometry for a user.
  • Brand protection using specific security Raman tags. We plan to implement the technology for special security tags or marks, which can protect brands and/or identity of various goods and other objects in extremely effective, low-cost and secure way. We are going to sell our EnSpectr  devices and software for reading these Raman tags. We expect that reading of security tags can be easily done by the end consumer.

Competitive Advantages

  • Substances and tags can be identified contactless through a transparent and colored glass or translucent plastic packaging that allows total quality inspection (instead of sample inspection).
  • EnSpectr technology of coding is very difficult for forgery. EnSpectr  tags will be controlled by a large number of individual consumers.
  • Company's Proprietary Raman spectrometers for detection of substances and tags are of much better sensitivity than available on the market samples and do not require any special skills for a user.
  • The Company provides EnSpectr  devices and software tailored for particular customer needs to cover all necessary applications.