Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI), is staffed by experienced environmental professionals and we are committed to providing quality environmental rental equipment and products at reasonable rates. EEI sells and rents monitoring equipment & supplies for environmental air, water, and soil monitoring and assessment. We also sell new and used ground-water remediation systems.

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11180 Downs Road , Pineville , North Carolina 28134 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


Enviro-Equipment, Inc. (EEI) a 'Woman-Owned Small Business', (WBE) staffed by experienced professionals, is committed to providing quality environmental equipment and products for rent or sale at reasonable rates.

EEI is a stocking distributor of numerous environmental products for detection of air, water, and soil contamination.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc. sells and rents monitoring equipment used for pollution control, ground-water remediation, water & wastewater treatment, industrial hygiene, and environmental site assessment.

EEI also sells and rents new and used remediation equipment for soil vapor extraction, air sparging, dual phase extraction pump and treat and chemical/biological injection.

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Our instrument and equipment inventory includes, but is not limited to: ground-water pumps, water quality meters, gas meters, organic vapor analyzers (PID, FID), radiation monitors, indoor air quality meters, moisture meters, noise dosimeters, sound level meters, air sampling pumps, pipe locators / cable locators, and remediation pilot test units.

At Enviro-Equipment Inc. we provide quality assured environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, supplies and services to environmental professionals and other customer groups across the country.

Our Divisions

We have two main divisions: Instrument and Remediation.

Our Instrument Division includes:


  • Rental instruments and accessories
  • Instruments for purchase
  • Instrument repair
  • Field sampling supplies
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies
  • Equipment training


Our Remediation Division includes:


  • Soil and groundwater remediation pilot test equipment
  • Remediation rental equipment
  • New and used remediation systems for sale
  • Remediation components (e.g. blowers, motors) and parts for sale
  • Custom electrical control panels
  • Field installation and startup service for remediation equipment
  • Field repair of remediation systems
  • Bulk carbon sales
  • Bulk carbon changeout services

Our Service Commitment

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service before, during and after the transaction. We invest in quality relationships: developing them, growing them, and doing what it takes to ensure that they stand the test of time. Click here to read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Our Values

We’re relentlessly committed to innovation, and to upholding world class levels of competence, integrity and dependability in everything we do. Our values inspire us to reach new heights and find creative ways to solve problems, so that our customers reap the rewards today, and for years to come. Staying true to our values has been a part of our mission since day one, and it remains the guiding force that moves us ahead.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team includes a licensed professional geologist and remediation specialist with over three decades of experience, and an experienced staff of professionals who our customers trust. After all, in this industry, there is simply no substitute for experience and knowledge – period!

Our Customers

Our customers hail from a variety of professions, sectors and verticals, including:

  • Environmental Consultants
  • Fire, Police & EMS Departments
  • Industrial Plant & Safety Engineers and Hygienists
  • Construction Safety Personnel
  • Laboratories and Chemists
  • Local and State Environmental Agencies
  • Military Safety Officers & Purchasing Agents
  • Various Federal Agencies (DOE, DOD, OHS, OSHA)
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Homeowners