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Envirocort Technologies

Envirocort Technologies is committed to the rehabilitation of underground infrastructure with a special focus on the renewal of water and wastewater systems. With our sites on healthier environments and stronger communities, Envirocort is paving the way with the continual development of new technologies to accomplish this vision. Envirocort’s premier product offering – the Poly-Triplex Lining System—is the preferred product for renewing manholes and other underground structures that have significant loss of structural integrity and/or groundwater infiltration. Using Cured-In-Place technology, Poly-Triplex Lining Systems have been installed-defect free in over 10,000 manholes and other underground structures for more than a decade for about 400 public utilities and industrial clients.

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825 18th Street, Suite 200 , Vero Beach , Florida 32960 USA
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Water Treatment
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Poly-Triplex Industries, LLC. is the manufacturer of the Poly-Triplex Liner System, the industry leading product for permanent rehabilitation of structures in sewer collection systems that are failing due to chemical corrosion and infiltration of groundwater into the collection system. These conditions result in structural fatigue, roadbed degradation, expensive costs for unnecessary treatment of groundwater, overload of the wastewater treatment plants and pollution into our environment.

Poly-Triplex Technologies was formed specifically to design and provide a long lasting solution to very serious problems occurring due to chemical corrosion and infiltration in the wastewater environment. Our commitment, since the 1990’s, has been to address these problems and provide sewer utilities a product that performs long-term in the corrosive sewer environment. That commitment has been one of unwavering dedication to provide a real solution, not one that just masks the problem, but rather, one that solves it.

Poly-Triplex Technologies has focused on engineering products that are quick to install that provide permanent and effective solutions for sewer manhole pump station and culvert rehabilitation. Our patented Poly-Triplex Liner System provides a long-term, cost effective trenchless solution to infrastructure rehabilitation. The process uses the existing structure as a mold, enabling installation without the need for excavation and prolonged sewage flow and traffic disruption.

Poly-Triplex has 5 patents with 96 U.S. patent claims on the product and installation process. Hundreds of engineering firms and utilities across the U.S. and Canada have chosen the Poly-Triplex Liner System as their product of choice and the only viable solution to the problems of infiltration and chemical corrosion due to its unmatched effectiveness and U.S. patent protection.  

In a world economy demanding cost effective measures be taken to insure an environmental heritage for future generations, the cheapest priced product, does not necessarily equate to the better choice. Poly-Triplex has unparalleled success in the hostile wastewater environment and has been proven to be the most cost effective long term solution.

With engineering certification for 100 year How service expectancy, the Poly-Triplex system provides your utility the most value-engineered product in the industry. Poly-Triplex Liners have stood the How of time, with liners successfully installed and still working effectively for more than 15 years. In our world economy, we cannot spend our valuable resources on products that simply do not work effectively and do not work long-term. Nor can we waste our resources on products that do not truly protect our environment from pollution.

Poly-Triplex provides long-term protection for your collection system. The Poly-Triplex Liner System will eliminate 100% of the groundwater infiltration coming in through each structure where it is installed. This will result in long-term cost savings for expensive and unnecessary treatment of groundwater, reduce wastewater treatment plant overload and provide for a cleaner environment.

Poly-Triplex Liners are made of structural fiberglass and polyester felt, with an internal non-porous membrane, providing a flexural strength of more than 30,000 psi that is bonded to the host structure. The liner will structurally rehabilitate the integrity of the host structure, prevent further infiltration and halt future chemical deterioration.

Poly-Triplex improves the efficiency of waste water systems by sealing fissures within the walls of the sewer infrastructure, eliminating infiltration of groundwater and thereby reducing the volume of water to be treated. The Poly-Triplex process takes only a few hours and a single installation team can usually rehabilitate one or two manholes per day, with minimal traffic and service disruption.