EnvironFocus Incorporated (Agus Inc)

EnvironFocus Incorporated (Agus Inc)

EnvironFocus Incorporated is a global sustainability solutions provider for the public and private sectors. Environfocus Incorporated was established in 2003 under the name of Agus Inc but was re-registered under the name EnvironFocus Incorporated in 2011. We design, plan and govern the implementation of projects of any kind in collaboration with identified partners that meet our objectives. Our two main areas of operation are North America and Africa. Our partners consist of the businesses, governments, communities and funding organizations (international agencies and investors). The nature of the solution is capacity building: training, program development and infrastructure development.

Company details

7235 Bellshire Gate, P.O Box 88003 , Mississauga , ON L5N 8A0 Canada

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


We have a holistic view of our surroundings. We understand the need for knowledge and skill transfer between the north and the south. Understanding the meaning of sustainability, we work via sustainable partnerships with organizations and the community. We are a social enterprise. We understand the need to involve the community in our business and that of our partners on both sides to facilitate knowledge transfer of environmental solutions and how they can be implemented. We all have a part to play towards being able to live in this changing climate. We are connected whether we like it or not and what we do anywhere affects what happens across the globe because we have one home-Earth.

Our Purpose

  • Create the awareness of the necessity of individuals, communities and organizations to assist in sustainable development of communities and to promote clean technology
  • To provide organizations and communities with sustainable solutions that will lead to sustainable community and business development and  showcase resulting successes to a wide market.

Our Goal

  • Develop sustainable environmental partnerships with organizations
  • Transfer knowledge and technology of workable environmental initiatives with the aim to reduce our carbon foot print in the fight to combat global climate change
  • Create the awareness of the necessity of organizations to assist in sustainable development of communities and to promote clean technology
  • To put forth the understanding that the actions that are taken need not be done singly but as a group

Our People...
EnvironFocus is built on a network of highly motivated group of experts that possess integrity, experience, contacts and skills essential to maneuver through today's global environment. These individuals have many years of experience in the international arena, working with industries, governments, and academia. This solid foundation and extensive knowledge base provide our clients the advantage of working with a firm that offers an integrated range of consulting knowledge and experience. We have the capability to work with practical and innovative ideas to develop an approach that is sustainable.