Environment World Company (EWC)

Environment World Company (EWC)

The Environment World Company strives to help protect Kuwait`s environment by constantly providing services that monitor and analyze the quality of Kuwait`s air, land and water. Our goal is to help create a Kuwait that is fully aware of its environmental problems and capable of protecting its environment.

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Suite 26, 3rd Floor, Al-Mubarak Commercial Complex, Street 50, Block 1 , Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh , 85863 Kuwait

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Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

Environment World is at the forefront of environmental science and technology, leading the environmental revolution in the modern State of Kuwait. We strive to act as an enabling factor for a better environment for everyone. We attend to the technological needs of various agencies and organizations with the objective of eliminating the elements that contribute to the destruction of our environment. Our work signifies the important relationship between environmental science and technology, the environment itself, and the people living in it.

We deal in the supply and servicing of environment monitoring equipment and medical equipment and healthcare products (through our Medscan Department). We offer a complete range of environmental services, from environmental consultancy (including environmental monitoring, analysis, and impact assessment) to the integration and maintenance of various types of environment monitoring equipment and systems.