Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services, Inc. (ECCS)

Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services, Inc. (ECCS)

Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services, Inc. (ECCS), is proudly celebrating 20 years of service. The central element of our success revolves around our commitment to the ECCS mission - to provide faster, better and cost effective solutions for your analytical needs. For the last 20 years, ECCS has been nationally recognized as an authority for analysis of pesticides and PCBs. Our service offerings have multiplied to include a broad range of NELAC accredited analytical testing in our fixed-base and mobile laboratories, as well as niche chemistry consulting services (e.g. data validation, QAPP development, laboratory audits).

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2525 Advance Road , Madison , WI 53718 USA
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Analytical Services
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Internationally (various countries)


ECCS' certified mobile labs have provided expert chemical analysis on over 1,200 successful investigation and remediation projects. Our 12 mobile lab units have been mobilized to sites across the United States as well as abroad. ECCS has implemented affordable fixed-base and on-site laboratory solutions on a large variety of projects types, including:

  • Department of Defense (DoD) Sites
  • Superfund & RCRA Sites
  • Sediment Remediation/Dredging Projects
  • Agricultural Chemical Sites
  • Manufactured Gas Plants
  • Petroleum/Underground Storage Tank Sites
  • Dry Cleaner/Solvent Sites
  • Soil Treatment/Conditioning Projects
  • International Projects
  • State-Funded Remediation
  • Brownfields

Our goal is to tailor a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations, whether your project requires on-site laboratory services, fixed-base laboratory services, chemistry consulting services, or all of the above.

To begin customizing your laboratory solution, we encourage you to call us directly. We look forward to becoming your partner in success!


Mike Linskens founded ECCS in 1991 with a desire to offer customized chemistry consulting services. Our first project involved a local property transfer of a former greenhouse site where ECCS provided testing and clean-up consulting. From there our roots grew and grew!

Within a few years of providing general chemistry consulting including data validation, quality assurance project plan (QAPP) development, laboratory audits, and some specialized testing services, Linskens realized that consultants and engineers need fast access to data. As a former laboratory director, Linskens knew providing on-site testing services would result in faster and more efficient site work. To that end, he directed company resources toward providing high-quality mobile laboratory services. Below are some of the company milestones leading up to today.

  • In 1995, Chris Altstaetter joined the organization as co-owner and vice president of sales and marketing. Also that year, ECCS purchased two mobile laboratories and the company began providing mobile laboratory support for two regional Department of Agriculture programs (Wisconsin and Minnesota) to remediate environmental contamination at farm chemical-related facilities.
  • By 1997, these long-term programs allowed ECCS to establish its fixed-base pesticide residue laboratory, and provided a solid foundation of repeat business to comfortably expand its presence in the mobile laboratory services division. Later that same year, Richard Johnson joined the organization as co-owner and vice president of technical services.
  • From 1998 to 2005, ECCS' mobile laboratory business continued to expand in a logical progression, both in range of projects and breadth of services provided. ECCS etched its business model early on by providing fully-defensible data from its first true mobile laboratory project. This business model proved itself effective, and during this timeframe, ECCS supported larger projects involving multiple assays and multiple onsite laboratories.
  • In 2005, the ECCS owners began to plan for a management transition of the company by hiring Nick Nigro as a Vice President of Sales/Marketing and an active senior manager of the company. Nigro immediately instilled new energy into the management team and the direction of the company. As the current company President since 2007, Nigro brings a focused vision for company growth, employee retention, and exceptional customer service, while maintaining the company's earliest tenet of delivering services that encompass our clients project objectives.


The culture of quality and customer focus at ECCS is apparent in everything we do, and is driven by an intense desire to make every project successful. Throughout the years, training employees on quality assurance, project management, and customer service was a primary objective, and remains so today. With over 20 chemists and staff, we maintain our culture for one simple reason - we recognize that there is no 'routine' project and thus take NOTHING for granted.

We treat every single project with the utmost importance, because we know that to our clients there are no routine projects. Project success is at the heart of ECCS, and as a result 75 percent of our business comes from repeat customers.

Following are the guiding principals that form the foundation of our culture, as well as a graphic that depicts how we operate on a day-in day-out basis.

  • Empower and trust employees to treat the company as their own
  • Be there to provide 110% support to fellow team members
  • Deliver quality analytical services that are unique and meet or exceed the needs of our clients
  • Realize the client’s specific needs are paramount and above ours
  • Believe that our reputation is everything
  • Maintain growth and profitability to allow employees to have opportunity and be rewarded for their efforts, performance, and individual or team results
  • Assure competitive (or better) salaries and benefits
  • Continual improvement. We must evolve with the competition and marketplace or we will not be able to sustain success.
  • Project Success + Team Success + Company Success = Our Success


ECCS maintains the most comprehensive mobile and fixed-base laboratory certification program in the country. All of our operations are accredited through NELAC and various other state certification programs. In addition, our mobile laboratories have been awarded an unrivaled scope of accreditation through DoD ELAP (VOCs, SVOCs, PCBs, pesticides, metals, and explosives).

Our fixed-base laboratory was first certified by the State of Wisconsin in 1997. In 2006, ECCS petitioned the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to extend our certification to our mobile laboratory operations. In requesting this, ECCS demonstrated our unique business model, whereby our mobile laboratory operations are a seamless extension of our fixed-base lab. Our instruments, staff, management, Quality Systems Manual (QSM), and standard operating procedures (SOP) are shared between both business lines. WDNR concurred with our petition, and currently recognizes our fixed-base laboratory and fleet of 12 mobile laboratories under a single certification.

Since receiving certification from Wisconsin, ECCS obtained similar accreditation under NELAC, which is recognized by 14 states who serve as Accrediting Bodies (AB). In addition, ECCS maintains multiple other state certifications that in most cases have been granted in the same 'seamless' fashion as our WDNR certification.

ECCS is proud of the operational standards and methodologies that allow accreditation and approval from the important regulatory partners. The map below summarizes states participation within the various certification/accreditation programs.