Environmental Consulting & Planning Ltda. (ECP)

Environmental Consulting & Planning Ltda. (ECP)

Environmental Consulting & Planning Ltda. (ECP)

Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP)) for Environmental Systems is an environmental consultancy, employing a multidisciplinary group of environmental and occupational health professionals experienced in crafting personalized solutions for businesses and enterprises, providing extraordinary results for environmental solutions and environmental sustainability. The experience accumulated by ECP – Environmental Consulting in Brasil - over the course of 39 years indicates the importance of acknowledging all the different cultures involved in environmental issues. In other words, how the Environmental Agency, Public Prosecutors, Business/Clients and Community think and act. This understanding allows Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP), in partnership with our Client, to build a new vision for the future in Brazil, thereby continuously achieving results beyond the expected.

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Rua Estados Unidos, 105 , Carapicuiba/SP , CEP 06350- Brazil
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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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We are a different kind of environmental consultancy. We act in Environmental Consulting for your enterprise to achieve and maintain environmental and business sustainability. Our team comprises renowned specialists in several environmental areas having more than 40 years of experience in this area, and more than 20 years in environmental consulting and auditing.

With the leadership of Eng. João Baptista Galvão Filho**, the Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) team adapts itself to a project’s requirements, recognizing the difference between all active parameters and the involved business team, developing strategies in order to generate synergy, commitment and purpose, overcoming any form of breakdown.

Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) possesses several distinctive characteristics in Brazil, thanks to its experience and dedication:

  • In Brazil, Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) is prepared to install state-of-the-art solutions with national and/or international-level professionals in order to satisfy the demand of its clients, allowing for the Environmental Market to grow and excel in South America;
  • The foremost Executive from** Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) in Brazil has managed plans, programs and projects at CETESB (Company of Environmental Sanitation Technology of the Environmental State Secretary) of São Paulo for 17 years;
  • Since its founding in 1987, the large number of clients served by the Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) in Brazil is testament to the reliability and integrity of Environmental Results and Sustainability promoted in these past 22* years of service;
  • Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) develops environmental products and solutions in Brazil, always accommodating corporate needs.
  • Partners and Consultants of Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) in Brazil are experts in their chosen field, having attended courses in both Brazil and abroad, acknowledged by their peers.
  • Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP) in Brazil utilizes innovative global communication technologies, harnessing excellent results in the Environmental Field.
  • Experience and results across many diverse industries and enterprise sectors.

Thanks to professionalism, through technical quality and an innovative approach, we, Environmental Consulting & Planning (ECP), are ready to assist our clients and maximize our goal of attaining true Environmental Sustainability.