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Environmental Services by Daniel L. Theobald Services

  • Conserve-On-Water


    Water conservation strategies / www.ConserveOnWater.com Specific strategies; Save and Safeguarding water, Recycling & Reusing Water, Waste Management and Cost & Flow Reduction http://www.esdlt.com/conserveonwater-pr-12072012-by-esdlt/

  • Wastewater Cost Reduction Guarantee

    Wastewater Cost Reduction Guarantee

    WASTEWATER COST REDUCTION SERVICES at www.wastewateranswers.com. They include: 1.Enhance wastewater treatment quality at reduced overall cost. (http://www.esdlt.com/costreduction/) 2.Site specific Services (http://www.esdlt.com/sightspecificservices/) 3.Contract Dan Theobald’s Wastewater Operators License as appropriate. (http://www.esdlt.com/contract/) 4.References (http://www.esdlt.com/references/)

  • Environmental Resource Tool

    Environmental Resource Tool

    One-Stop Environmental Resource Center for WWT Permits for Facility Design/Operate WWT Support includeing Engineering, Construction, Equipment and Chemicals Training Onsite/Online of Water/Wastewater/OSHA Environmental Regs. for WWT/Stormwater/Emissions

  • Mechanical Services

    Mechanical Services

    MECHANICAL SERVICES specializing in promoting cost savings in the Wastewater, Baking and Food Service industries.

  • Prevent Unscheduled Maintenance

    Prevent Unscheduled Maintenance

    PREVENT UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE by establishing, implementing and maintaining a preventative maintenance program on all types of Wastewater, Environmental & Utilities equipment.

  • Emergency Equipment Servicing

    Emergency Equipment Servicing

    EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT SERVICING with expert emergency repair, restoration or replacement and professional installation of your Wastewater, Environmental and Utilities equipment.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE consisting of establishing and implementing a complete program specific to your equipment or applying a proven program to your existing data recording system.