Environmental Waste Management Associates LLC (EWMA)

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  • Remediation Services

  • SECUR-IT - Guaranteed Fixed-Priced Remediation

    SECUR-IT - Guaranteed Fixed-Priced Remediation

    EWMA first offered fixed-price remediation service in 1992; well before any other consulting firm even considered such an approach. Since then, EWMA introduced the SECUR-IT Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation and Insurance Program in 2001. As an Environmental Liability Transfer tool, SECUR-IT provides for peace of mind regarding cost uncertainties related to acquisition or redevelopment of an environmentally distressed property. EWMA can offer...

  • Real Estate Portfolio Services

  • Brownfield Redevelopment

    Brownfield Redevelopment

    EWMA has performed over 1,500 Brownfields related assignments throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for more than 60 municipal and private party developers.  This work has ranged from simple property assessments and non-intrusive environmental evaluations (e.g., Phase I assessments) to multi-million dollar, highly complex, long term investigations and remedial cleanup actions.  EWMA has a strong record of performance with...

  • Compliance Services

  • Regulatory Compliance, Permitting, and Reporting

    Regulatory Compliance, Permitting, and Reporting

    EWMA has extensive experience conducting regulatory compliance audits to meet state and federal environmental regulations.  EWMA will conduct an audit of your property and confirm compliance with current environmental standards and procedures, including environmental permitting, and record keeping.

  • Litigation Support and Environmental Forensics

  • Expert Testimony/Litigation Support

    Expert Testimony/Litigation Support

    As litigation consultants, we are highly skilled in making complex environmental investigations and cleanups comprehensible.  We help our clients, judges, attorneys, and juries understand the technical aspects of an environmental litigation case by clearly explaining the various findings of our data review and interpretation, including professional opinions regarding the date and responsibility for a release.  This service has been...

  • Underground Storage Tank Services

  • Closures / Site Assessments

    Closures / Site Assessments

    EWMA conducts underground storage tank closures and site assessments to determine if a discharge from the tank has occurred. We have closed a wide variety of underground storage tanks from large 10,000-gallon industrial tanks that contained various chemicals and petroleum products to small 550-gallon homeowner heating oil tanks. While many companies provide tank closure services, EWMA stands apart by providing comprehensive environmental consulting...

  • Environmental Quality Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

    Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

    Indoor air quality has become an increasingly important issue, as office buildings have been made air-tight for energy conservation purposes, which keeps airborne contaminants within the building where employees spend most of their working day.  Buildings above or close to contaminated soil or groundwater often have vapor intrusion from volatile organic compounds that rise up through the ground and enter the building, a condition known as vapor...

  • Waste Management Services

  • Hazardous Waste Minimization

    Hazardous Waste Minimization

    EWMA conducts pollution prevention assessments engineering, and will assist your facility to determine the best solution to reduce the amount of pollution generated by your operations. We also help clients produce and file their annual waste minimization reports. EWMA will make the annual reporting process flow easily, and will ensure that the waste minimization report is concise, factually correct, and submitted in a timely manner.