Envor Group Oy

Envor Group Oy

Envor Group Oy offers a range of diverse yet complementary environmental management services. A customer`s entire waste, recycling and reporting can be fully undertaken thanks to comprehensive waste management solutions. By delegating your waste management and recycling to Envor Group Oy you will get all you need from one operator, ensuring that your costs are under control and your operations are efficient

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Voimalankatu 56 , Forssa , 30420 30420 Finland

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Envor Group is a family organization consisting of four companies: Envor Recycling Oy, Envor Processing Oy, Envor Palvelut Oy and Envor Biotech Oy. Each company has decades of experience in the recycling services industry, with each specializing in different processes for the treatment of materials.


  • 1960's – Operations of Envor Recycling Oy started officially on the 15th of April 1964.

  • 1970's – Processing of paper, cardboard and carton started (Envor Processing Oy)

  •  1980's – Processing of glass started (Envor Recycling Oy)· 1990's – Treatment of biowaste started (Envor Biotech Oy

  • 1990's – Supply of comprehensive services in environmental management started (Envor Group Oy)