Welcome to the Eppic Environmental & Alternative Energy Index, your single bookmark for environmental and alternative energy articles and conference paper titles in one place. Our site is a current, near real-time sourcing of research or reference information to users of all backgrounds. This site includes indexing to 100 journals per year and over 100 conferences per year. Take a look at our wide and unique indexing for a quick look-up and referencing of information unlike other traditional methods. As the only online version available to general users, we are pleased to offer an Index with over 400 environmental topics and 20 alternative energy topics, with new additions each month.

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More Than an Index—An Idea Source

The EPPIC INDEX is more than an organized listing of journal articles and conference papers. It is an information and idea source without reviewing the actual articles themselves. Review of the listed topics and articles offers ideas of what has been done, who has done it, and new environmental and alternative energy directions that are taking shape.

We are a one-of-a-kind Index of Environmental & Alternative Energy Journal Articles and Conference Paper Titles. Our purpose is to be a single-site, near real-time, online access to new and recent information, practices, trends, developments and directions in the environment and for alternative energy, a new and constantly evolving area.. We tailor our information to a broad and diversive audience and readership. Extensive scientific background is not required to use and understand our site and its information. Only an ability to navigate a website is needed to allow every user full access to all site information.

Uses and applications of the Eppic Index are practically without limit.  A few examples include

  1. Businesses:  With constant change in products, environmental effects, public perceptions, and regulatory requirements, the Eppic Index offers a means to weigh these issues and to gain knowledge of directions, trends, and practices within – and external to – a given industry;
  2. Universities:  Faculties and students will find the Eppic Index a quicker way to access, or take a first glance at the wealth of environmental material in print in university libraries (and beyond in many cases);
  3. Consultants:  Why not look beyond experience, professional organizations and company-to-company information to find and apply ideas beyond traditional data sources for innovating designs, projects and management directions;
  4. Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers:  What greater and easier way to determine work completed by others in, or as relates to , your product field? Where better to find those invaluable case histories;
  5. Government:   Decision makers who take actions and set policies often have less access to available information upon which to base actions and policy making than those affected by those decisions and policies. The Eppic Index offers a quick way to draw upon the experiences and directions of others, so as to formulate reasonable and workable actions;
  6. Local Utilities:  Water, sewer and solid waste managers, why not look beyond your specific publications and trade or professional associations for information in your respective management areas? Case histories, how-to reports and successful management initiatives abound, but often don’t reach those who can benefit;
  7. Associations:  What better way to keep tabs on materials and activities of member and external entities? Why not offer this resource database to your members and  stimulate ideas of service to your membership? Many of you are linked in the Eppic Index to credit your information dissemination accomplishments through journals and conferences;
  8. The Public:  Need information about an environmental issue? The Eppic Index is a roadmap to what is in print and to its location.
  9. Law Firms:  Need technical information for a client or a case? Here are directions to critical facts and information not in legal referencing sources;
  10. Publishers and Conference Sponsors:  Why not have your journals and conferences included in a master general user index? Better yet, why not offer article and papers through online subscriptions to members and to libraries since much conference material has extremely limited access;
  11. Training Organizations:  The Eppic Index is a useful and informative reference in training packets, and is available in discounts for quantity purchases. Why not be trendsetter in providing this information to your training constituents, to show your connectivity to information databases and to be of service beyond your competition;
  12. International:  Although the U.S. does not have all of the recognized journals and conferences, it does have many with potential applications of information to your respective countries. At a price within the reach of practically any university, researcher, government, or business in any country, the Eppic Index could be invaluable to your accessing of environmental information.

Services to users include an offer of look-up assistance by going to the website, monthly updates of new material on the website, frequently asked questions, a means to ask individual questions, and the opportunity to offer input of how to provide better service. Including journals and conferences in the Eppic Environmental & Alternative Energy Index is without cost to the journal publisher or conference sponsor.