EtQ, LLC was founded in 1992 by principals with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software applications and over 20 years of experience in compliance management. EtQ has over 500 customers, with over 1000 customer sites and 1,000,000 users throughout the world. The founders of EtQ are Compliance engineers and business people who believe that the future of business application functionality will be in the hands of the business knowledge user (i.e. Power User). EtQ’s application development technology allows Power Users to create, configure, and personalize powerful enterprise compliance applications by simply defining the look, feel, and behavior they want. Any type of compliance type process of any business process for that matter can be easily prototyped, modified and put to use without committees, expensive programmers or costly project overruns.

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399 Conklin Street Suite 208 , Farmingdale , New York 11735 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Environmental Data and IT Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

At EtQ, we focus on products that provide visibility and control into compliance. We want to make sure you have a solution that will enable you to not only manage the processes related to compliance, but be able to report and improve, based on the data. Our software follows a mantra of Robust Simplicity - rich in features and functionality, but simple to set up, configure and adapt to your business. It's what we do, and why we love what we do.

Not just Customer-Focused; Customer Fanatics.

We are strongly committed to our customers - to the point at which the customer becomes a critical element to our process of innovation. Customers are part of EtQ, and provide us with our drive, our source of innovation and our guidance for the future. We are beholden only to our customer, and that is our focus; what's best for them.

One Platform, Many Industries.

Simply put, EtQ Reliance is a platform. We have designed this compliance platform to be the underlying engine from which our customers are able to gain visibility and control, yet we are able to serve so many different type of industries. This is possible because we invest in creating a best-practice solution for each industry, built on our comprehensive platform.

Purpose-Built Teams to Help You Succeed.

When you invest in EtQ's solutions, you are investing in not just a product, but a group of individuals that stand proudly behind it. From Implementation, to support and beyond, our folks are here for you to rely on and help you maximize your investment.

At EtQ, we're a driven group of people who are focused on delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. Every person in the company is dedicated to one thing — shaping our product, services and company towards being the best compliance platform in the market