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Evans Cooling Systems offers a patented non-corrosive waterless engine coolant, achieving significant fuel economy improvement and maintenance savings for heavy duty diesel engines. Evans’ uniqueness is that it’s the only waterless engine coolant available, providing superior benefits that are unobtainable with traditional water-based coolants. Water-based coolants must be maintained at a temperature below the boiling point of water to keep the system functional where Evans Heavy Duty Coolant protects the engine at temperatures well above the boiling point of water. Evans waterless coolant allows equipment to run hotter due to a boiling point of 375 F (190 C) versus water’s boiling temperature of 212 F (100 C). Fuel economy testing has consistently shown savings between 3 – 8%. Recent emissions testing showed a decrease of carbon emissions (CO2) by over 3%.

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Its freezing point is lower than that of water at around -60 F (-51 C), exceeding water’s capabilities at both ends of the temperature spectrum.   Evans waterless coolant never has to be replaced, as long as it is not contaminated with water.   Evans operates at a lower, safer pressure and does not require SCA’s. Evans is a safer environmentally friendly alternative to toxic water-based coolants.

Reducing fuel consumption, decreasing maintenance costs, and contributing to a cleaner environment are all achievable with Evans waterless engine coolant.



Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. has pioneered innovative aqueous and non - aqueous cooling systems for internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel, for over twenty five years.  John W (Jack) Evans and J. Thomas (Tom) Light have worked continuously on the development of cooling system technology design since the 1970’s, having worked with some of the biggest auto companies and names in auto racing.

The technology is now widely used in virtually every area of internal combustion engine cooling with systems running in heavy duty diesels, experimental aviation applications, motorcycles, and gasoline engines of essentially every design. Evans Cooling Systems now have 21 issued U.S. patents, over 40 foreign patents and numerous patents pending. The Evans Cooling technology continues to be utilized in an incredible collection of real world applications - automobiles of virtually every class, motorcycles, heavy duty diesels, generators and marine applications - as well as some of the most advanced engines in the world.

Evans waterless coolants solve heating problems, reduce maintenance costs, and can reduce fuel consumption. In addition, Evans coolants help the environment by reducing emissions and eliminating the need for disposal. Technology and invention of marketable products continues to be the hallmark of Evans Cooling Systems.

The company’s headquarters are located in Sharon, CT and also operates a fulfillment center in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The Heavy Duty Sales and Marketing office is located in Suffield, CT.

Heavy duty coolant engineered to maximize diesel efficiency and engine life. Technologically superior to all water-based coolants.

  • In a traditional pressurized system, the water-based coolant must be maintained at a temperature below the boiling point of water to keep the system functional. The fan energy required to keep the coolant cold enough wastes a significant amount of fuel.
  • Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant can protect the engine at temperatures well above the boiling point of water, so the fan runs less and you save fuel.
  • Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant has a boiling point of 375°F at atmospheric pressure: and an operating temperature that is always more than 100°F colder than its boiling point.
  • Coolant temperatures may be safely increased with Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant due to this separation between operating temperature and boiling point.

Substantial fuel economy improvements through reduced fan-on time and higher thermostat temperatures.

  • Radiator fan-on time, which draws in the range of 25 horsepower, can be cut more than 50 percent. This saves about 1.37 gallons of diesel per hour of fan run time.
  • A 7% fuel economy improvement was gained by raising fan-on temperature to 230°F -resulting in reduced fan-on time -in a yearlong test conducted with a fleet of Connecticut refuse trucks.
  • A 3% fuel economy improvement was gained by using 215°F thermostats in conjunction with Evans Heavy Duty Coolant. This was proven by the SAE Type II Fuel Consumption Test conducted by the PAVE Research Center at Auburn University. The engine fans were locked 'on' for both the test and control trucks, eliminating the fans as a variable that could affect the test results.

Increased vehicle capability and trouble-free operation.

  • Any cooling system designed for water-based coolant gains (without any hardware changes) a 'reserve capacity' when Evans Heavy Duty Coolant is installed because Heavy Duty Coolant does not have to be kept below the boiling point of water. Safe increases in coolant temperatures mean that the radiator is hotter and that heat transfer into the ambient air is improved.
  • The reserve capacity gained means that more heat can be dissipated by the existing cooling system without needing expensive and complex auxiliary cooling units.
  • With safely increased de-rating temperatures, Evans Heavy Duty Coolant provides trouble-free operation at high ambient temperatures -and when the radiator is not at its cleanest.
  • Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant eliminates boil over and after-boil.

Prevents cylinder liner and pump cavitation.  Reduces maintenance and wear-and-tear.

  • Cavitation erosion of cylinder liners is the major corrosion problem for heavy-duty engines. Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant tests better than all other coolants in the John Deere Engine Cavitation Test, which is soon expected to be adopted as an ASTM Standard Test Method.
  • Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant prevents vibration-induced vapor formation and collapse - the cause of cylinder-liner cavitation erosion -due to the large separation between its operating temperature and boiling point.
  • Pump cavitation is also prevented since the pressure drop at the pump inlet is insufficient to flash-vaporize Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant.
  • The absence of water vapor reduces overall system pressure, putting less stress on hoses and plumbing.

Lifetime performance and savings.

  • Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant will last the life of the engine, as long as it does not become contaminated by water.
  • Once it is installed, there are no coolant disposal issues.
  • The additives in Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant are stable. No SCAs are needed.

How to get the Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant advantage.

  • When you buy new equipment, specify Evans Waterless Heavy Duty Coolant, 215°F thermostats, and ECM programming to provide for the following temperatures: Fan-on: 230°F Fan-off: 217°F De-rating: 235°F Auto shutdown: 240°F.
  • Your existing fleet may be retrofitted to obtain most of the benefits. Use of a ResistorPac (external to the ECM) can provide elevated fan-on and elevated de-rating temperatures.

Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant (NPG+C) and Powersports Coolant are engineered to provide superior cooling performance and engine protection.

Eliminate cooling failures caused by water.

  • Evans Waterless Coolant’s high boiling point eliminates pump impeller cavitation.  It remains a liquid under conditions where water would boil.
  • The absence of water from the cooling system eliminates the cause of corrosion,  Evans Waterless Coolants are safe for use with all metals.
  • No electrolysis.  Evans Waterless Coolants are non-conductive.

Maximize boil-over protection

  • Evans Waterless Coolants boil at 375°F,  Evans Coolants won’t boil over in hot weather, heavy loads, high altitude, or high power output.
  • Evans Waterless Coolants instantly condense back to liquid state, providing constant liquid to metal contact, keeping metal temperatures under control.

Increase power output and fuel efficiency.

  • Evans Waterless Coolants allow most engines to safely operate at a higher temperature.  Engines can be safely tuned for more power or better fuel efficiency.
  • When trapped heat is eliminated from the cooling system non-computer regulatd engines can operate at higher temperature increasing engine efficiency.

Provide lifetime cooling performance and engine protection.

  • Evans Coolants are non-corrosive with stable additives, no need to change the coolant or replace additives.
  • Cooling effectiveness and corrosion protection continue for the life of the engine.  Traditional water-based antifreeze must be flushed and changed at regular intervals.
  • Reduced operating pressure eliminates stress and protects engine cooling components, hoses, and gaskets.   Cavitation erosion and electrolysis are also eliminated.
  • The additives in Evans Waterless Coolants are stable. No SCAs are needed for light duty or heavy duty diesel engines.

Safer for handling and the environment.

  • Evans Waterless Coolants are essentially non-toxic.
  • Evans is safer to handle during installation and engine maintenance.
  • Lifetime coolant helps preserve natural resources and reduce hazardous waste.