EWA Technologies, Inc.

EWA Technologies, Inc.

EWA Technologies delivers the technologies that environmental and control systems managers need to systematically administer their daily operations, and the hardware and software products that DSP developers use to bring their new marvels to market. EWA Technologies, Inc. is a major global player in the application of the IEEE 1149.x standards (known as boundary-scan or JTAG) to state-of-the-art products that will support the design, prototyping and production of the next generation of complex technology products. EWA Technologies consists of two operating units: the Blackhawk division in Mount Laurel, NJ, and Corelis, Inc. in Cerritos, CA.

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13873 Park Center Road , Herndon , VA 20171 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Environmental Data and IT Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Blackhawk division is a leader in providing hardware and software for the rapid development of digital signal processor-based (DSP) applications for a wide variety of vertical markets. Blackhawk is a Texas Instruments (TI) DSP Total Solutions provider for development hardware, advanced JTAG emulators, Real-Time Operating Systems, design services and consulting. For more information on Blackhawk please visit www.blackhawk-dsp.com

Corelis offers the industry’s broadest line of boundary-scan software and hardware products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service. Corelis’ ScanPlus and ScanExpress boundary-scan systems are used for interconnect testing as well as in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs and FPGAs. Systems include a complete range of IEEE-1149.1-compatible boundary-scan testers for PCI, PC-Card, 10/100 LAN, USB 2.0, cPCI/cPXI, PC Card and VXI host interfaces. Corelis also offers a full-line of JTAG emulation and debugging tools, and provides custom test engineering services. For more information on Corelis, please visit www.corelis.com.