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  • Controllers

  • Standard - Controller

    Standard - Controller

    The ezeio Controller comes ready to use to start monitoring, logging and controlling over the Internet. As soon as the controller is connected to power and an Internet connection, it will start communicating with the eze System servers. There is no need for special software or network setup. The ezeio connection is encrypted, bidirectional and very efficient. The ezeio comes complete with a power supply, an Ethernet cable and 4 months of basic...

  • Wireless Controller

    Wireless Controller

    This model of the ezeio Controller has the same features as the standard model, with the addition of a local 868/900MHz wireless transceiver. The 868/900MHz radio is used for local communication (up to 100m/300ft range) with sensors and input/output expansion modules. This radio is using a proprietary, encrypted protocol designed specifically for the ezeio system. The ezeio comes complete with power supply, an Ethernet cable and 4 months of basic...

  • Cellular Controller

    Cellular Controller

    This model of the ezeio Controller has the exact same features as the standard model, with the addition of both a built-in GSM/3G/GPS cellular radio*, and local 868/900MHz wireless communication. The cellular radio is used for network connectivity in situations where a physical Ethernet connection is not available, or a backup is required. The ezeio will automatically switch over to cellular communication if it is unsuccessful contacting the...

  • Controller Expansion and Sensors

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor

    Wireless Temperature Sensor

    The battery-powered Wireless Sensor allows additional expandability with any ezeio Controller.  Operating on standard AA batteries that can last up to 2 years, it has built in sensors for temperature, Relative Humidity and battery voltage, plus 3 external thermistor connections – a total of 6 data points in a small, easy to mount device. Ideal for monitoring free-standing refrigeration units and...

  • Wireless I/O Expander for Controller

    Wireless I/O Expander for Controller

    Easily expand the ezeio Controller with additional inputs and outputs using this wireless expansion module. Each input can be configured for 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-30mA, resistance/switched or pulse. In addition to the four inputs, there are also two relay outputs and an option to add a built-in temperature/RH sensor. This wireless module is ideal for monitoring free-standing refrigeration units, hard to reach flow sensors or...

  • Current Transducer

    Current Transducer

    This small and easy to use split-core current transducer clamps around wires up to 7.5mm (0.3″) in diameter. The CT outputs a DC voltage that is linear to the AC current flowing through the wire. This CT is ideal for monitoring if a load is on or off, runtime, or to detect if a light bulb is broken. The wires from these CT’s can be directly connected to the ezeio Controller’s analog inputs, or to one of the inputs on an expansion...

  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor

    Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensor

    This easy to use sensor is ideal for indoor monitoring of temperature and relative humidity. It connects directly to the ezeio via Microlan, and can be combined with up to 20 other sensors on the same controller. The sensor is designed for indoor environments, such as data centers, class/conference rooms, storage facilities and industrial environments. It has a plastic housing with two mounting tabs and comes with a 3m (9ft) wire with an RJ12 jack for...

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor

    An accurate temperature probe for the MicroLAN bus. Up to 20 sensors can be added to a single controller. The sensor element is a DS18B20 digital sensor with a range of -55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F).  The sensor is pre-calibrated to better than +/-0.5°C accuracy and provides a resolution of 0.125°C. Probe is potted and encapsulated in a stainless steel housing, 30mm long, 6mm diameter. The sensor is completely...