Ezra Terra, Inc

Ezra Terra, Inc

Ezra Terra, Inc

EzraTerra is an on-site treatment technologies company specializing in Thermal Treatment. Ezra Terra has developed a high molecular weight thermal soil treatment system that can remove contaminants from porous media ranging from petroleum fuel range hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, PAHs (including naphthalene), phenolic compounds, pesticides and crude oil waste streams both Non Hazardous and Hazardous. Our Sintered Wave Technology (SWT) is more cost effective and can treat a wider variety of contaminate’s than any other thermal technology available today. The SWT system can also process more materials per day than other thermal technology/equipment systems. The Sinter Craft can treat saturated fine grain soils and sediment. SWT is also flame-less and can be permitted in areas other treatment systems, like rotary kilns, would never be allowed (no Nox or Sox generated from heat source).

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706 SW Industrial Way, Suite 200 , Bend , Oregon 97702 USA
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Soil and Groundwater
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Nationally (across the country)

EZRA TERRA LITERALLY MEANS “Helping Earth” with Ezra being Hebrew for “helping” and Terra being Latin for “earth” or “land.” Our tagline: “Helping Earth overcome adversity with clean technology.” That’s what we do. Land, once polluted and useless, is now transformed into property pure enough to build a business, construct a home or even grow vegetables.

Ezra was also the founder’s grandfather. Patrick Brady, Registered Geologist, CEO of Ezra Terra, and the inventor of the Sintered Wave Technology, so inspired by his Grandfather Ezra’s World War II stories of tenacity and camaraderie, named his company for the decorated Marine veteran.

Brady remembers his Grandfather Ezra Brady’s war stories. The patriarch was part of the initial landing force on Tarawa, in the South Pacific Theater, where 7,000 men died in short order, mostly by Japanese machine gun fire. “I shouldn’t be alive. He always said that.” Ezra Brady was one of the three men in his unit to survive, and while lying on the deck of a medical ship bleeding from a fractured skull, Ezra Brady knew he looked like a dead man. He watched mute while other soldiers were “buried at sea.” Aka tossed overboard. Not Ezra Brady. Not that day. The wounded Marine mustered up the last of his strength simply to…raise his hand.

It worked! A nurse saw his raised hand and immediately gurney-ed Ezra into surgery.

Ezra Brady voted for his own life that day, and lived to tell his stories—to his children, then to his grandchildren, including Ezra Terra’s own Patrick Brady. When the younger Brady wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, the wise patriarch said, “Go to college. Education gives you choices.”

And what choices Brady made with that education.

  • We acquire and clean contaminated real estate.
  • Our technologies clean contaminated media.
  • We provide environmental contracting services.
  • Clients hire us because we provide permanent solutions.

EzraTerra, Inc. introduces Sintered Wave Technology

  • Removes high molecular weight compounds from soil and sediment.
  • Removes refined fuels, VOCs, and chlorinated solvents from soil and sediment.
  • Addresses large scale contaminant issues and porous media drying.
  • Can treat all soil/sediment types at any moisture concentration.
  • Designed to operate in restrictive air basins.
  • Can operate in Arctic Environments.

A Better Way

BRADY FIRST USED HIS GEOLOGY DEGREE on oil rigs, examining the sand and mud extracted in the offshore drilling process. Brady noticed the byproduct: toxic oil-laden sand, that once shipped to the shore simply sat in rancid piles—a dirty and costly way to do business.

Could there be a more efficient, cost effective, cleaner way? Brady wondered.

Later in his career, after working in the field of gold mine water supply, Brady’s work took him into contaminated soil remediation, where he was introduced to an apparatus called a rotary kiln, which tumbles polluted dirt much like the drum of a clothes dryer. A natural gas flame sears away contaminants. The result: the waste of the finite resource; more pollution—and burnt sterile dirt!

A better way, Brady kept thinking.

So, what does a scientist do when he sees a problem? If you’re Patrick Brady, you take your hand-sketched documents, your engineering calculations, your life savings, your burning vision of a better way, and you go…to the junk yard! You round up some scruffy welder to fashion you an apparatus for cleaning up all that dirty dirt.

Then Brady took the found-object, hack-sawed and welded prototype, aka the “Soil Oven” equipped with the technology he and his twin brother John, dubbed Permeation Bed Technology, up to the Arctic for a little trial run. With high hopes the brothers loaded the machine with contaminated earth. They flipped the switch. Nothing. But there was no stopping the Geologist turned inventor. Brady simply slipped the laptop from his briefcase and reworked the engineering calculations. The problem was immediately apparent: One of the conduits was too small. Of course. Hacksaw and larger conduit in hand, Brady adapted the prototype on site. Success!

Brady took the next version of the technology, Evaporative Desorption, on the road, ferried on a flat-bed eighteen wheeler, followed closely behind by an excavation loader and a pink upholstered RV. “Dirt in a box,” Brady jokes, simplifying the brilliant process. “Just like baking a cake,” Brady would tell the crowds, which would inevitably gather. Sometimes they were curious at the sight of strange equipment and moving earth, or at the sound of the low engine hum and the whoosh of blowing air. Brady was interviewed by news crews. Mayors wanted to chat. Wealthy community members invited Brady to their parties. Later, with the news of Brady’s clean-up efforts, crowds became more than curious—they were grateful.

The contaminated eyesore of a property—It was in their city. It was in their neighborhood.
It was in the place they called home. Brady recounts one particular moment, he knew he was doing something that mattered. He smiles, remembering the late model Cadillac approaching the Corvallis, Oregon job site. “I can’t even see the driver,” one of Brady’s crew says. Another points. “Oh, I think I see some white hair.” A small-framed, white-haired woman swings open the car door, reaches in the back seat and starts across the rocky site. She’s steely-eyed. She’s smiling. She has chocolate chip cookies! Brady offers her his old green and white lawn chair. “This was a slaughterhouse, back in the day,” she starts. “Then a meth-lab.”

Giving Back

SINCE THAT DAY, many sites have been made clean and viable again, some Brady even foot the bill for, like the once polluted, blight of a property where Portland’s Senn’s Dairy once operated. After years as a run-down, polluted site, this acre of city land has been transformed into a park, where children play and families gather. Brady did all the clean-up pro bono.

Soil contamination is a major environmental problem with a legacy of 200 years of industrial activity. Contaminated soil acts as a source media and contributes to groundwater and soil vapor/indoor air contamination. Plumes are commonly entangled creating complex situations. Contaminated soil reduces property values, is a health problem and a financial liability. There is no cost effective, high capacity, high molecular weight treatment device available on the market. There are no existing on site technologies that reliably address large scale issues. Hazardous Wastes complicate disposal with LDRs. Air emissions and CEQA complicate the remedial process.

The EzraTerra Solution

EzraTerra has a cost effective/high capacity high molecular weight soil cleaning tool that can:

Completely remove contamination in the soil.

Provide measurement capabilities: contaminant mass and physical properties.

Guarantee a successful cleanup to the customer.

Process contaminated soil on a large scale at the site

Operate in highly restrictive downtown locations.

Treat a wide range of contaminates and types of media including high and low molecular weight compounds.

Use of CAMU and technology centered actions simplifies Remedy for hazardous and non hazardous waste.

For decades Industry has been waiting for the following:

  • New Technologies
    • Most environmental technologies pre-date the current 2006 Clean Air Regulation.
  • New Strategies
    • Resolution of environmental issues considered long term engagement (decades to resolve or never resolved).
  • New Regulation
    • Regulations becoming more restrictive (1980s focused on protection of groundwater; after 2006 focus on protection of air quality including indoor air).

EzraTerra offers

  • New Technologies
    • New EzraTerra technologies developed for the current regulatory environment.
    • EzraTerra technologies destroys and/or recycles the contaminants (removes long term liability).
  • New Strategies
    • Using EzraTerra strategies that use the existing regulations in a substantially different way to get a significantly better more cost effective and timely result.
    • EzraTerra technologies provide contaminant mass calculations that can be related to a 3D map, which aid in resolving comingled plume situations or RP determination/litigation (high resolution characterization).
  • New Regulations
    • Regulations are becoming more restrictive with time.
    • Technology centered remedies offer a pathway to streamlining the regulatory maze (approach used to close a 50 acre RCRA  site in one year/100,000 tons of hazardous waste).