Fantastic Waste Removal is a leading provider of waste management services for small, medium and large businesses. The company is London-based and works with clients in the city and its surrounding areas. We are committed to being an expert mediator between the UK`s strict environmental waste removal regulations and the clients` demand for flexible rubbish collection. Fantastic Waste Removal works with commercial and construction waste, including its transportation and safe disposal to the proper recycling centres in London. We have a long-standing connection with London donation centres and a policy to turn all furniture disposal into a charity cooperation. We support firms in using 100% of their resources and running a sustainable, environmentally-safe business.

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Endsleigh Gardens , London , WC1H 0EH United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

Fantastic Waste Removal has established stable, trusted relations with businesses in and around London. London councils offer a restricted, unsophisticated system of rubbish collection that many commercial clients find inefficient for their needs and purposes.

Fantastic Waste Removal specializes in:

  • Builders Clearance: London is one of the largest propety markets in the world and is the scene for thousands of housing and office contructions annually. European Law has pushed contruction firms to become part of a sustainable solution for property development amd Fantastic Waste Removal is commited to aiding these firms in achieving this goal. Our builders clearance sees that all cement, glass, concrete, metal and wood from our clients' construction sites is efficiently recycled and reused in the future development of London.

  • Commercial Waste Removal: Commercial entities are the largest waste producers in the world and require the biggest ammount of resources in rubbish collection, transportation, and recycling. Fantastic Waste Removal works with London businesses of all sizes to make these processes as efficient and sustainable as possible.

  • Office Clearance: Office clearance is a significant part of modern age waste management issues. London offices dispose of tonnes of e-waste annually, and less than half of it is utilized in the making of new PC monitors, computers, printers and other technological devices. Fantastic Waste Removal is a firm enforcer of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive in European Law and aids London offices of doing their share for e-waste recycling.

A strong environmental stance and a firm approach to meet the client's needs come together in a high-quality waste collection service.


Phone: 020 3746 3338