FERRER, It takes as a corporate purpose the analysis and the quantitative evaluation of the diverse systems of control of the underground waters, in the area of the hidrogeology applied in works of building and works of civil engineering. It includes the execution of wells, drills, monitoring and tests of pumping as well as the implantation of the pertinent systems of pumping, with application of numerical methods for the optimization of resources

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Vicente La Roda, 6 - bajo , Valencia , 46011 Spain

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Engineering service provider
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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

In 1916 D. José Ferrer Roselló, founded the company being the main activity the implementation of water catchments wells, in the geographic area of the Mediterranean Sea, whose purpose was to meet the needs agricultural and urban areas.

Since its founding, without interruption, the company has evolved in equipment, technology and engineering, until his current situation, in which its main activity focuses on controlling the water table or groundwater in the field of civil engineering and building, extending their performances nationally and internationally

FERRER has got e subsidiaries in Marocco, Perou nd Panama.

This line of application of new technologies including computerized procedures that enable the modeling and simulation systems, being able to estimate results in stationary and transitional regime (flow, residence times, times of depletion, influence radios, and so on.) as well as the hydraulics parameters of the land, if necessary to test them (Hydraulic Conductivity K, transmissivity T and Storage Coefficient S).

The experience that gives the practice, in combination with the theory that gives the science, it becomes necessary at the moment to offer to the client the service that he wishes in solution to his concrete problem. The best positioning, it will come from the hand of the best service, understood as quality. FERRER supports his competitiveness optimizing the costs of management and production, which translates in savings to the final project, appealing to the necessary economic effort that demands the situation of the current market getting the effective loyalty of his clients.

We aspire to improve in a constant way the gaining, the satisfaction and the connections of the clients across a specialized offer of products and complementary services, which under the quality parameters, bring the integral service near to the client.

The company continues betting for the new technologies and the innovation by means of the development of new systems of control of underground water and optimization of means used for this end, which will allow to increase the quality of the service and to improve the efficiency.

FERRER in his innovative determination, it continues implementing new technologies of perforation and pumping, as well as new technologies for the capture and field data processing, improving in efficiency day after day.

With all the activities that are realized, the Company demonstrates his commitment with the society and tries to be his ally in topics of sustainable development supported on the technology.

We want to be the company of reference in the areas in which we act, recognized by the high added value, the excellence in the business management, the culture organizacional and the quality of our management. For it it's decisive to be to the forefront of the sector, in what refers to hidrogeología applied to works of engineering, favored by the perspective that gives the recent international vision, which favoures new scenes and enriches the vision of future.

We want to optimize the utilization of the resources, agility in the decisions, utilization of the opportunities that offers the technological development; maximum objectivity in the selection of personnel and continuous attention to his formation. All that implies, between other factors, pragmatism and flexibility.

Our premise is to go forward to the future and every time we are more prepared to confront it.

Since his foundation FERRER

Without importing the order, the essential values of the company have been and are:

  • Bet for the rigor of the assumed commitments.
  • Loyalty with the clients, employees and suppliers.
  • Use of the knowledge and the experience in benefit of all the parts involved in every project or work.
  • Continued formation of the personnel in all the areas and limits of the company.
  • Enthusiasm and illusion for the knowledge and the innovation in the principal lines of business as well as in complementary that increase the added value.
  • Knowledge of the royal need of the market, present and future, both national and international being necessary for it to support permanent contact with the practice, the technique and the science of the sector to developing.
  • respect for the environment, raising sustainable solutions and that in his case, which minimizes the impact of the projects that it takes part, not accepting actions that derive in worsening of any known situation.
  • Obtaining certificate that accredits the quality and distinction of his services. At present FERRER has the Quality Certificated ISO 9001  and Environmental ISO 14001, as well as that of Contractor's Classification of Works in the groups A and K.